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Unlocking Value for Farmers with Integrated Agricultural Solutions

June 14, 2017
Over the last century, farming has evolved dramatically and become more sophisticated with the continuous adoption of new technologies. Can you imagine today’s farmers using horse-drawn plows in their fields or seeds able to produce less than a quarter of today’s harvests? Modern agricultural technologies such as better seeds and high-tech farm equipment have allowed farmers to work smarter and more efficiently, thereby keeping food affordable and harvests more consistent. To keep evolving, farmers will need the agriculture industry to continue to invest in research and development that focuses on opportunities which support their work to grow better harvests, protect their crops and deliver more to society in the face of mounting environmental challenges. The newest opportunity all starts with data and has the potential to be a revolution.

Data and analytics provide the anchor for better integrated agricultural solutions for farmers to help unlock more value on their farms. At Monsanto, we think of integrated agricultural solutions as a form of customized decision support – providing farmers with precise data applicable to their individual fields. This enables farmers to know the right seed to plant, at the right time, at the right location. In fact, we are trying to see where data can help with the more than 40 decisions a farmer makes every year. The more decision support we can provide, the better decisions farmers can make for their land.

Our Climate Corporation business is a great example of improving on-farm decision making. Their technologies have digitized the farm showing real-time soil and crop information along with equipment performance and they have put it right at the farmer’s fingertips. By using a whole-systems decision approach we’re able to take the data a step further, and can address multiple challenges at the same time from seed placement to environmental conditions to sustainability, and more.

The end goal has always been the same for us – provide good products to help farmers. With data and analytics providing more customized information, we believe an integrated agricultural solutions approach will allow farmers to make even better decisions that are good for their land and the planet.

Dr. Reiter is scheduled to speak at BIO’s 2017 International Convention in San Diego on Tuesday, June 20, on “Integrated Agricultural Solutions: A Systems Approach to Solving Problems”  as part of BIO’s Modern Ag Innovation Day programming. At this unique Convention session, leaders from Monsanto and Elanco join with the head of AgTech Accelerator to put on the investor lens as they discuss how the innovation sector increasingly looks to a systems approach to solve problems in both plant and animal agriculture.