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Untapped Potential in the Healthy Aging Marketplace

July 1, 2013
There are over 10,000 Baby Boomers entering Medicare every day and they have been instrumental in redefining the idea of aging into “healthy aging” and even further into “anti-aging.”  They are a transformational generation and their desire to stay vital is driving the growth of new medicines, products and services aimed at keeping them healthy. Almost half of all Baby Boomers say they are on a consistent search for methods to prolong their health and vitality.

In addition, the concept of healthy aging, once exclusive to Boomers and Matures, has been embraced across the entire aging spectrum. In this 24/7 world, with an overwhelming pressure to stay competitive, even the young feel vulnerable, whereas they once considered themselves invincible.

Recent research has found that teens are more likely to die from heart disease at a younger age than today’s adults.  Type 2 diabetes, once believed to only affect adults, is now being diagnosed among young people as obesity rates show no signs of letting up.  In addition, Gen X and Gen Y are significantly more likely to feel that their stress levels are diminishing the quality of their lives when compared to older generations.

Therefore, the need for products and services to promote “healthy aging” is trending to the younger generations.

“Aging demographics combined with new health care challenges are creating a large global opportunity in the area of healthcare,” GSA Senior Director of Strategic Alliances and Business Development Annette Schmidt said. “Many health issues that were once the domain of an aging population, like obesity and diabetes, have reached epidemic proportions across the aging spectrum.”

Healthy Aging Means Business is a new consultative conference that will examine the market opportunities across aging trends; health and longevity; and money and finances. It’s scheduled for July 18 in Philadelphia and the co-hosts are The Gerontological Society of America (GSA), an interdisciplinary membership organization dedicated to advancing innovation on aging, and NMI, an international strategic marketing consultancy. The Biotechnology Industry Organization and Teva are sponsoring the event.

Attendees will be presented with evidence-based resources and examples to understand trends, overcome challenges, and recognize opportunities in the aging marketplace. The one-day program agenda also will feature an interactive environment showcasing research, case studies, and disruptive innovation techniques that can help make a business case for the healthy aging market.

The expected audience will represent multiple business industries and many job functions, including executives responsible for strategic planning, brand management, product development and innovation, as well as professionals working in market research, client services, and application research.

More information about Healthy Aging Means Business, including faculty presenters, the agenda, and online registration details, can be found at