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Virginia BIO Hosts Free Live Streaming Panel for Start-Ups

September 8, 2011
It's a bit late notice, but if you're going to be at your desk during lunch today, you should check out the following panel discussion entitled “Entrepreneurship Failures and Successes: The Perspective of Entrepreneurial Faculty.”Virginia Biotechnology Association

The Virginia Biotechnology Association (VABIO) is pleased offer an opportunity to view the sold out Greater Richmond Bioscience Luncheon live on the web through our new LiveStream channel. The program will take place Thursday, September 8, from 12:00-1:30 p.m., and program details are below.

Tune in to VABIO's blog ( at noon and the program will begin shortly thereafter.

We are testing this new technology with the intent of making our valuable program available to those that are unable to attend this sold out event. Please bear with us if we experience any technical difficulties, we will work through them as quickly as possible.

Entrepreneurship Failures and Successes: The Perspective of Entrepreneurial Faculty
The panel will lead a frank discussion about the risks and rewards of commercialization activities in a university environment. What aspects about university “culture” either encourage or discourage commercialization activities by faculty? The panel will cover topics such as tenure, wealth creation, equity, royalties, managing conflicts of interest, and raising money (angels, grants and venture capital).

Speakers: Mike Grisham, CEO of GPB Scientific, Richmond (Moderator); Dr. Curt Civin, Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine and Director of Regenerative Medicine; Dr. Martin Chapman, CEO of Indoor Biotechnologies, Charlottesville (former tenured UVA faculty); Dr. Chip Petricoin, Co-Director of the Applied Proteomics Center at GMU (and serial entrepreneur); Dr. Jim Bennett, Chair of Department of Neurology at VCU; and Dr. Gordon Archer, Associate Dean for Research and Training at VCU.