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Virginia Governor McDonnell Aims to Lure Biotech Jobs

January 5, 2012
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell unveiled an economic development package Wednesday that includes $37 million to lure businesses and jobs to the commonwealth. Nearly one quarter of which is earmarked for life sciences and biotechnology industry development — sectors that are staples of the economy of neighboring Maryland.

[caption id="attachment_5590" align="alignright" width="103" caption="Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore)"]Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell [/caption]

The announcement was made during a press conference, in which Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling said "There, frankly, are a lot of states around the country over the course of the past several years who have been a lot more aggressive in the area of biotechnology and life sciences than we’ve been." Bolling also serves as the state's Chief Job Creation Officer.

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