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Wall Street Journal: The Assault on Drug Innovation

September 23, 2015

Today, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial commenting on yesterday’s proposed plan by Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign to dramatically increase intrusive government regulation of our industry. BIO shared many of the concerns raised by this editorial, concerns which were noted in our statement yesterday.

To put into perspective the potential consequences of that proposal, the editorial noted as an example that “Inside of a decade or two, metastatic cancer may become a chronic condition and chemotherapy a relic.” Breakthroughs on that level and in many other disease areas are seriously jeopardized by this plan and its major components. These are bad ideas that have rightly been rejected in the past on a bipartisan basis, time and time again.

The editorial noted that in this discussion, “The real failure is of the institutions of health-care finance—insurers, government—to keep up with medical progress.”

Read the full piece here.