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Wall Street Journal: Patients Deserve Better

October 14, 2015
In case you missed it, The Wall Street Journal published my Letter to the Editor this morning.  I make the point that the problem isn’t innovative new treatments from America’s biopharma industry but rather the complex web of health-insurance schemes patients must navigate to access needed medicines.

Here is the text of the letter:
“Innovative treatments and cures have radically transformed how we treat disease—saving and improving lives and providing tremendous benefits to patients and society as a whole. Such treatments and cures save the health-care system money by keeping patients healthier longer, reducing complications and disease progression and thus reducing more expensive medical procedures and hospitalization. Drugs make up only about 10% of total health-care costs, a figure that has remained remarkably steady for decades and that is expected by government actuaries to remain so for at least the next decade.

The problem isn’t the innovative new treatments and cures delivered to sick patients by America’s biopharma industry, but rather the complex and hidden health-insurance schemes cooked up to discriminate against patients with chronic and rare conditions who are in need of medicines that their insurance companies (to which they pay ever-increasing premiums) won’t adequately cover. Patients deserve better from their insurance companies.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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