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We Are the Worldview

June 26, 2014
Now in its 6th consecutive year, Scientific American Worldview: A Global Biotechnology Perspective will have its official launch in a special Super Session at the BIO International Convention today at 2pm. Moderated by television and radio personality David Brancaccio (Marketplace Morning; PBS Now) this exciting event will explore the ever-globalized ethos of life science innovation and examine the many multicultural elements driving new partnerships, new products and new paradigms.

Scientific American Worldview is a collaborative annual edition and media program created in partnership with the Biotechnology Industry Organization and produced by Scientific American’s Global Media division. Jeremy Abbate, the project’s founder and publishing director, notes that, “each year Worldview grows in depth and breadth, profiling more regions and uncovering a growing roster of fascinating stories that underscore biotechnology’s potential to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges in health, sustainability, food, and energy.”

The Scientific American Worldview Super Session will convene leaders in science, policy and economics and showcase the international dimension of the enterprise, emphasizing some of Worldview’s main themes and focus, including its much-anticipated annual Worldview Scorecard, a ranking of nations according to their biotechnology “innovation potential.” As always, the Scorecard is sure to spark intense global conversations on the factors and governmental policies driving life science ingenuity forward.

Other key themes in the 2014 edition of Worldview include:

Tracking Innovation’s Value: In popular discussions of biotechnology, we often hear more about the cost of research than about its overall societal value. In a special cover section, Worldview examines this topic in-depth, talking to scientists, venture capital powerhouses, economists, policy leaders and patient advocates, and attempts to assess the larger value of innovation to the global population at large. Included in this section are surveys of experts from around the world opining about the biggest challenges ahead that biotech innovation is poised to address, as well as the sector’s most significant contributions to human well-being throughout its history.

Calculating Cancer: One global challenge that continues to plague the planet more than 40 years after the US declared “war” on it is, of course, the scourge of cancer. In another special report, Worldview weaves together the perspectives of scientists, patients, patient-advocates, and other experts in the field to frame the next 40-years of this battle; and to highlight the advances that may finally give medicine’s “Allied Forces” a better arsenal against this tenacious foe.

Country Spotlights: No Worldview edition would be complete without exciting coverage of innovation far and wide, presenting the best nuggets of life science ingenuity from around the globe. From Australia to Zimbabwe, stories of scientific success will entertain, inspire and energize anyone interested in the promise of biotech-driven solutions. Additionally, in keeping with recent World Cup Fever, the edition presents a deep dive, on-the-ground profile of the many collaborations happening in Brazil aimed to push that country’s science and technology sector forward.