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This Week in Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology

February 2, 2010
This week in Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology there’s a new weekly round-up blog called This Week in Synthetic Biology . The writer, Abhishek Tiwari writes in his first post,

“This was an amazing week for synthetic biology community, part of the reason is the synthetic biology has completed 10 years since the very first synthetically engineered biological oscillator and toggle switch were introduced in journal Nature (sic) in year 2000. So on this eve I have decided that the title of this blog post "This week in synthetic biology" is going to be a regular section of Fisheye Perspective blog appearing on every weekend. Initially I will be posting a link round up for a week which will include excerpts from peer reviewed articles, news items and interesting tweets. But I have few interesting future plans including a podcast series TWISB (covering both Systems and Synthetic Biology) in close association of fellow synthetic and systems biology bloggers.”

It sounds like it’s worth checking out. Stay tune for Abhishek’s next post.

That’s it for this week in Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology. Join us next week as we explore the blogosphere.