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Welcome to San Diego!

June 24, 2014
Welcome to the 2014 BIO International Convention. It has been an exciting and important year for our industry. Since we last met, we have seen record IPOs, important new approvals, exciting scientific advances and hard fought policy victories in Washington, DC and the states.

But we all know that accomplishments don’t just happen by luck. They are the result of decades of hard work, long hours and repeated setbacks. So while it’s important to celebrate our outstanding accomplishments and to take stock of where we are as an industry, it is equally critical that we continue to do the work necessary and to plan for the future.

One of our goals over the next few days will be to look at the key issues facing our industry and to help you and your teams to be more prepared for the years to come. It is to make sure that, as an industry, we are well positioned for the challenges we face—from reimbursement and regulatory hurdles to state labeling initiatives to protecting the Renewable Fuel Standard. The agenda we have developed for this year’s Convention is an opportunity to dive deep into the most pressing issues we face—and to hear from thought leaders, policy makers and visionaries. It is a chance to make the connections that can change the course of your business and can lead to the headlines we will talk about next year in Philadelphia.

This is my 10th BIO International Convention. In that time we have seen enormous progress as an industry and as a trade association. One of the defining characteristics has been our ability to adapt and to evolve in a rapidly changing business, scientific and political environment. As an industry, our companies and their leaders are defined by their unwillingness to settle for the status quo. They never stop pushing to revolutionize the way patients are treated, the planet is fueled and people are fed.

The same is true for us at BIO. And that is why we have reimagined and reenergized this Convention—to better meet the challenges and the needs of our industry and to ensure that you not only have the tools to overcome those challenges, but the knowledge and relationships required to capitalize on them. It’s why year-round we fight for a policy and regulatory environment that supports innovation and allows the industry to deliver ground breaking products to the people who need them most.

Have a fun and productive time here in San Diego!