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What BIO2012 Meant to Boston and the Netherlands

August 22, 2012
We came across this recent post in about the BIO International Convention and BIO Business Forum. It's not just a recap of the event, but it's a specific piece on one company's goals, connecting Boston with the Netherlands. As you know, the BIO One-on-One Partnering System is open and accessible to attendees well after the conference shuts down and everyone goes home. This allows you to do your follow-up: go through your Inbox, research the companies a bit more, and so on. As the article reads, "Now, the booths have been taken down, the convention floor has been cleaned, and the out-of-town visitors have left. Next is the hard part: converting all the contacts into lasting business relationships." We certainly hope the process went well!

Head to to learn what BIO 2012 meant to Jos Scheffelaar, CEO of Launch in US Alliance, and his unique business goals. Hope to see him and his company in Chicago!


Read the article here.