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What We're Reading at GMO Answers

August 11, 2016
Each month, GMO Answers compiles a few of our favorite news stories into one post on the GMO Answers website.  This post can cover a wide variety of topics related to agriculture and biotechnology, ranging from global hunger and climate change, to genetically modified insulin and the marketing of foods.

This month’s post uses the Zika outbreak in Brazil as a jumping off point, and finishes up with a nice profile of Dr. Calestous Juma of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Here are some of the stories we found interesting this month:

  • Using GMO Mosquitoes to Fight Zika – Researchers are developing genetically modified mosquitoes in the fight against the Zika virus.  One company explains the process.

  • Developing Tomatoes That Don’t Get Soft – A new GM tomato is being developed that stays firmer longer.  This could be a breakthrough in extending shelf life and reducing food waste!

  • One Company’s Embrace of GMO technology – Soylent, a Silicon Valley food company, is not only not avoiding using GMOs in their products, but they are actively supporting the technology.

  • New Eggplant Could Revolutionize Bangladesh – Introduced in 2014, a new variety of eggplant that is resistant to a specific type of worm is changing how local farmers do their jobs for the better.

  • Why People Resist New Technology – Dr. Calestous Juma has written a new book exploring why people are slow to adapt to new technology. From coffee to refrigeration, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

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