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What's New at ImmunoVaccine Technologies

September 18, 2009

An interview with Dr. Randal Chase, President & CEO of ImmunoVaccine Technologies:

Can you describe the top priorities or upcoming milestones for your company?

Our first priority is to show the safety of our DepoVax™ vaccine enhancement technology in humans by taking our first product, DPX-0907 therapeutic cancer vaccine into Phase 1 clinical trials. We are anticipating filing an IND for DPX-0907 by the end of 2009 and initiating the trial in Q1 of 2010. This will support our strategy to develop our own vaccine products as well as help others deliver their vaccine candidates more effectively by using the DepoVax™ technology.

What is one aspect of your company that you feel would be most attractive or exciting to investors?

One of the most attractive aspects about IVT is the fact that the company is able to use revenues from out-licensing of our animal vaccine business towards development of our human health business. Pfizer Animal Health has licensed our vaccine delivery technology for two animal health vaccines, a deal which has and will continue to generate revenues for the company. We are continuing our efforts to out license the remainder of the animal health business and use the revenues for further development of the DepoVax™ vaccine delivery technology for human health.

What is the story behind your company name?

The company had originated to develop a single dose immunocontraceptive vaccine for wildlife with multi-year efficacy. The company founders quickly realized that their patented discovery, today’s DepoVax™ technology, had the ability to enhance any vaccine, not just an immuno-contraceptive product. For this reason the company was called “ImmunoVaccine”.