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Where do you do your partnering?

February 16, 2010
Netbooks may have bridged the gap between laptops and mobile phones, at least for the time being (iPad or Windows Phone 7 anyone?).  However, where do you do your partnering?  Chances are it’s from your mobile computer a couple of days before the conference.

Where you do partner?  Plane? Hotel room? Office?  I don’t partner…but my admin does?

Check out the results of BIO’s unofficial survey into the matter.  By unofficial, I mean I made it up.  But seriously, let us know where you partner from.  So far, the highest in-demand upgrade that has been requested, in the mobile space, has been for an iPhone app.  Help us design by suggesting features and functionality that you need to see.

Leave your opinion in the comments, hit us up on twitter (@bio1×1), participate in the crowd sourcing or feel free to email me at  We’re interested in learning what the users ask for in terms of mobile partnering.  We’ll even listen to ideas about where you want to partner from.

If you do like to partner in the car, I applaud the effort, however you’re nowhere as ready to multitask as this guy.  So if you think you’ve tried to get business done in an awkward or interesting place, post it in the comments and see how it holds up to your peers.