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Why It’s Time We Find Common Ground In Genetic Engineering

March 23, 2016
At GMO Answers, we always try to work with people to answer their questions, whatever they may be.  And while the scientific community overwhelmingly supports GM technology, the general public still has a lot of questions about whether GMOs are helpful to society.

Our latest piece at addresses this issue head on:
While the public discussion is mired in non-scientific internet memes and conflated arguments about multinational corporations, concerned people miss the compelling truths of genetic engineering’s great achievements.

Rather than speaking in generalities, the article gives very specific examples of how genetic engineering has helped in medicine and in farming.  The author, Chris Barbey, a Ph.D. student in plant molecular genetics and cell biology at the University of Florida, makes the argument that we need to have every tool on the table:
We all agree that better medicine and successful farmers are a positive force for the world. There is no fundamental reason to feel opposed to recombinant DNA in agriculture. For over twenty-five years, genetically engineered crops have proven their utility, and continue to do so without a single substantiated case of harm to people.

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