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A Word with Calistoga Pharmaceuticals' CEO

September 18, 2009

An interview with Dr. Carol Gallagher, Pharm.D., CEO of Calistoga Pharmaceuticals:

Can you describe the top priorities or upcoming milestones for your company?

4Q 2009:

  • Reporting updated efficacy and safety data from the ongoing CAL-101 Phase 1 trial in patients with hematologic malignancies

1H 2010:

  • Initiating a Phase 2 registration program for CAL-101

    • Initiating a Phase 2 trial evaluating CAL-263, a novel oral delta isoform-selective PI3K inhibitor, in patients with asthma

    • Initiating a Phase 1 trial evaluating CAL-120 in patients with solid tumor malignancies

What is one aspect of your company that you feel would be most attractive or exciting to investors?

Calistoga Pharmaceuticals is the leader in developing isoform-selective PI3K inhibitors for cancer and inflammatory diseases.  We are the only company to demonstrate clinical benefit with oral delta-selective PI3K inhibitors, and CAL-101 is the only PI3K inhibitor in clinical development that has demonstrated a robust overall response rate (50%) in patients.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to other execs in biotech today?

Hire an experienced team with complementary skills that match your company’s strategic objectives.  Calistoga Pharmaceuticals has an experienced leadership team.  Our core competencies are the ability to elucidate novel biology, clearly define commercial target product profiles, choose best in class compounds to meet these profiles, and efficiently evaluate these first in class molecules to demonstrate clinical proof of concept in early development.