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You Can Thank GMOs for Lower Prices at the Grocery Store

May 5, 2016
Our new column over at explains just how genetically modified foods can benefit society, and your pocketbook.

There are many factors that determine the price of the food in your grocery store: demand, weather, global markets, food quality, pests/disease control, regulation, transportation, and labor costs, just to name a few. Whenever farmers can control one of these factors, the more beneficial it is to the consumer. And genetically modified (GM) crops allow farmers to do just that.

So what role do GM crops play in the price of food? You may be surprised to learn that GMOs have actually contributed to reducing the real cost of food. Through improved productivity, environmental sustainability and even by nutritionally-fortifying foods – GMOs have not only reduced what you pay at the grocery store, but they have also reduced production costs for farmers and allow more people to have access to nutritious meals.

Thanks to GMOs, farmers can grow more food, with a higher yield, all the while spending less money on crop protection. And that benefits us all.

Please head over to Forbes to read the whole column, and for additional information related to GMOs, visit GMO Answers.