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The Nominations Period has Ended

Ten biotechs will be nominated in each of the three categories, "Early Stage Entrepreneurs", "Late Stage Leaders" and "Diagnostics and Beyond".

  • To qualify for the Early Stage Entrepreneur Grand Prize, companies must be actively developing a therapeutic product intended for FDA review that addresses human health issues, and have raised less than $25 million USD as of July 1, 2017; have been founded after 2012; and have most recently completed either a Seed or Series A financing round. Companies that have previously presented at the BIO Investor Forum are not eligible for the Early Stage Entrepreneur category, but are welcome to apply under the Late Stage Leader category (if the company meets the minimum dollar requirements of the Late Stage Leader category).
  • To qualify for the Late Stage Leader Grand Prize, companies must be actively developing a therapeutic product intended for FDA review that addresses human health issues, and have raised more than $25 million USD as of July 1, 2017 and/or have been founded before 2012. 
  • To qualify for the Diagnostics and Beyond category, companies must be primarily focused in medical diagnostics, drug delivery, drug development tools, or digital health technologies. 

Please note that the contest is open to U.S. companies only.

Read the official contest rules here.

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The Nominations Period has Ended
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BIO Partners with NIH and NSF for Fourth “Innovation Zone” Exhibit

Presenting Company Webcasts

Aethlon Medical, Inc.

Aphios Corporation

Apricus Biosciences, Inc.

Arch Therapeutics, Inc.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals

AVEO Oncology

BioMarker Strategies, LLC

BioTime, Inc.

Capricor Therapeutics, Inc.

Cerecor, Inc


Curetis N.V.


Heat Biologics, Inc.

hVIVO plc

Kadmon Holdings, Inc

Karyopharm Therapeutics

Mast Therapeutics, Inc.

Ocera Therapeutics, Inc.


Oncolytics Biotech Inc.

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.

OncoSec Medical Incorporated

PhaseRx, Inc.

ProNAi Therapeutics Inc

Proove Biosciences Inc.

Quanterix Corporation

RedHill Biopharma Ltd.

Relmada Therapeutics

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Reviva Pharmaceuticals Inc

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Sophiris Bio Inc.

Trovagene, Inc.

Valley Fever Solutions

Viking Therapeutics, Inc.

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BIO Investor Forum 2016 Programming Announced

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3i Diagnostics
A6 Pharma
Aadi Bioscience, Inc.
AAVP Biosystems, Inc.
Ab Initio Biotherapeutics
AbbVie Inc.
Abilita Bio, Inc.
Accuronix Therapeutics
Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Adjuvance Technologies, Inc.
Aequor, Inc.
Aeterna Zentaris
Aethlon Medical, Inc.
Agenovir Corporation
Akriveia Therapeutics Inc.
ALD Connect
Alkem Labs
ALT American Laboratory Trading
Altum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AmpliPhi BioSciences Corporation
Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Amygdala Neurosciences, Inc.
Antiva Biosciences, Inc.
Aon Risk Solutions
APG Therapeutics
Apogenix AG
Apricus Biosciences, Inc.
AptamiR Therapeutics, Inc.
Aptinyx Inc.
Arch Venture Partners
Artery Therapeutics, Inc.
Asclepiumm Taiwan
Aspyrian Therapeutics
Aspyrian Therapeutics, Inc.
Astellas Pharma Inc.
Astellas Pharma 
Atara Biotherapeutics
Aurora Biopharma
Aviara Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Avisa Pharma Inc.
Avista Pharma Solutions, Inc.
Axelar AB
Azooka Life Sciences
AzurRx BioPharma Inc.
Balmes Transplantation 
BBN Cardio Therapeutics
Bentley University
Berkeley Lights, Inc.
Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
Beta Cat Pharmaceuticals
biOasis Technologies, Inc.
BioCentury Inc.
BioCentury, Inc.
BioEclipse Therapeutics, Inc.
BioMarker Strategies, LLC
Biosafe Defenses LLC
BioTrak Therapeutics
Blackthorn Therapeutics, Inc.
Bloomberg Media
Blueprint Genetics
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Business Wire, A Berkshire Hathaway Company
California Institute For Biomedical Research (Calibr)
California Institute For Regenerative Medicine
California Life Sciences Association
Camargo Pharmaceutical Services
Canaan Partners
Cantex Pharmaceuticals
Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences
Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CBT Pharmaceuticals
Celgene Corporation
Celmatix, Inc.
CereDx, Inc.
CHIME BioTherapeutics
ChinaBio Group
ChromaDex Inc.
ChromaDex, Inc.
Cingulate Therapeutics
Circle Pharma
Circumvent Pharmaceuticals
City of South San Francisco
CohBar Inc.
Comerica, Life Sciences
Context Therapeutics
Council for Afforable Health Coverage
CoView Capital
Cue Biopharma
CuraSen Therapeutics
Curasen Therapeutics Inc.
Curtana Pharmaceuticals
CytoSorbents, Inc.
D10 Therapeutics
Dare Bioscience, Inc.
Debiopharm International S.A.
Decoy Biosystems, Inc.
DelNova LLC
Delpor, Inc.
DiaMedica Inc.
Diapin Therapeutics
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Digenomix Corp
Dyadic International, Inc
Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey
Edesa Biotech Inc.
Eidos Therapeutics, Inc.
Eli Lilly and Company
Embera NeuroTherapeutics, Inc.
Emerson Collective
Empire Biotechnologies
Enzene Biosciences Limited
Eone Diagnomics Genome Center
Espero Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Eureka Therapeutics, Inc.
Exicure, Inc.
Feldan Bio
FenoLogica Biosciences, Inc.
Fenwick & West, LLP
Forge Therapeutics, Inc.
Forty Seven, Inc.
Frequency Therapeutics
F-Star Biotechnology
FZata, Inc.
GBA Pharma
GeneCure Biotechnologies
Global Blood Therapeutics
Global Health Innovative Technology Fund
Graybug Vision, Inc.
Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.
Heat Biologics, Inc.
Heidelberg Pharma AG
Hepatx Corporation
HIBM Research Group
Horizon Government Affairs
HuMurine Technologies
Hyalos Therapeutics
IACTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Imagia Cybernetics Inc.
Immix Biopharma, Inc.
Immune-Onc Therapeutics, Inc.
ImmunGene, Inc
Immunovaccine, Inc.
ImmusanT, Inc.
Impetis Biosciences
Indee Labs (YC W17)
Indiana University School of Medicine
Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
INmune Bio
Inova Software
Integrity Applications
Intezyne Technologies, Inc.
Invenra, Inc.
Invest in Denmark
IRX Therapeutics, Inc.
iVeena delivery Systems inc
Jing Medicine Technology (Shanghai), Ltd.
JMP Securities LLC
Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation
JT Pharma
Katan Associates International LLC
Kineta, Inc
Kissei America, Inc.
KoNECT (Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials)
Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF)
Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

Laurent Pharmaceuticals
Leading BioSciences, Inc.
Lifex Biolabs, Inc.
Lin BioScience
Locust Walk Partners
Magnetic Insight
MangoGen Pharma
MatriSys Bioscience, Inc.
Medikine, Inc.
Meissa Vaccines
Merus N.V.
Metastat, Inc.
Mindera Corporation
Mirata BioPharma
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation
Molecular Assemblies, Inc.
Molecular Templates
Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Morphogenesis, Inc.
Mount Tam Biotechnologies
MSI Methylation Sciences, Inc.
MultiVir Inc
NanOlogy, LLC
National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
National Health Research Institutes
National Institutes of Health
National Taiwan University
National Taiwan University College of Medicine
Navigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NeRx Biosciences
Neumedicines, Inc.
NeuroActiva, Inc.
NeuroEM Therapeutics, Inc.
Neuroparticle Corporation
Next Science
Nikon Instruments
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Northern Biologics Inc.
NUProtein Co.
NuvOx Pharma, LLC
Obsidio Therapeutics, Inc.
Olema Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Onco Therapies, Inc.
Oncoceutics, Inc.
OncoCyte Corporation
Oncolytics Biotech Inc.
Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.
OncoPep, Inc.
OncoSec Medical Incorporated
Opsidio LLC
Orbus Therapeutics, Inc.
Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc
Orgenesis Inc.
ORIG3N, Inc.
Origin, Inc.
Orion BioScience Inc
Orpheus Therapeutics
OrphoMed, Inc.
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Paranta Biosciences
Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center
Personal Genome Diagnostics, Inc.
Pfenex, Inc.
Pharma Intelligence - Informa
Pionyr Immunotherapeutics, Inc.
Pivotal BioVenture Partners
Presto Therapeutics
Probiodrug AG
ProteXase Therapeutics
Prothena Biosciences
Pullan Consulting
Pulmotect, Inc.
Qilu Pharma
Quantapore Inc.
Quellthera, Inc.
Radiomedix Inc
Realm Therapeutics, Inc.
Rebiotix, Inc.
Recardio, Inc.
Relburn-Metabolomics, Inc.
Resverlogix Corporation
Reviva Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Rice University
Royalty Pharma
RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation
SAB Biotherapeutics
Salarius Pharmaceuticals
Seattle Genetics, Inc.
Sense Diagnostics, LLC
ShangPharma Innovation, Inc.
Shionogi & Co., Ltd.
Sierra Oncology
Sierra Oncology, Inc.
Sigilon, Inc.
Single Technologies
Sirnaomics, Inc.
Snap Bio, Inc.
Sofinnova Ventures
Soteria Cell Therapeutics
Sothema Laboratories
Sound Affects
Spiral Therapeutics
Stanford University
Statistics & Data Corporation
Stream Biomedical, Inc.
Superlab Far East Limited
Sutro Biopharma, Inc.
Symic Bio, Inc.
Synergys Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Synthetic Biologics, Inc.
T3D Therapeutics, Inc.
Tactiva Therapeutics
Taipei Medical University
TARA Biosystems
TargaGenix, Inc.
Tensus Therapeutics
Tetra BioPharma
TetraGenetics, Inc.
The Biotechnology Institute
The Channel Group
The J. David Gladstone Institutes
The University of Chicago
Theratome Bio, Inc.
Therkine, Inc
Thetis Pharmaceuticals LLC
Thrive Bioscience, Inc.
Toft Group Executive Search
Tourette Association of America
Trethera Corporation
Trilogy Therapeutics
Tulane University
Turgut Pharmaceuticals
Tusk Therapeutics Ltd
U.S. - Ukraine Foundation
UC Berkeley
University of California Davis
University of California San Francisco
University of California, San Francisco
University of Tampere
Vala Sciences, Inc.
Vanguard Therapeutics, Inc.
Vapogenix, Inc
Vaxess Technologies, Inc.
Venn Therapeutics
ViaCyte, Inc.
Vical, Inc.
Vidac Pharma 
Viking Therapeutics, Inc.
Vivace Therapeutics, Inc.
VLP Therapeutics
Vwr International, LLC
Vyome Biosciences
Wirtschaftsfoerderung Land Brandenburg GmbH Airport Region B
Xencor, Inc
Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Xyphos, Inc
Zavante Therapeutics Inc.
Zenith Epigenetics Corp.
Zosano Pharma, Inc.
Zucara Therapeutics
ZY Therapeutics Inc.
Zymeworks Inc
Zyngenia, Inc.

*As of 10/13/2017

Conferences and Events: 
2017 Participating Companies

Buzz of BIO Voting

Below are the companies who have been nominated in each of three categories, "Early Stage Entrepreneurs", "Late Stage Leaders" and "Diagnostics and Beyond". Read the official contest rules here. Don't forget to register for the BIO Investor Forum, happening October 17-18 in San Francisco! 

If you are interested in giving a company presentation, but missed the nominations window, you can apply to present here.

Voting is now closed. 


Early Stage Entrepreneurs


Why You Should Vote

Image result for Axial Biotherapeutics
  1. Axial is establishing a new path for targeting neurological diseases through harnessing the power of the microbiome - a transformative idea based on groundbreaking work from scientific co-founder Prof. Sarkis Mazmanian (Caltech)
  2. With an experienced management team and reknown advisors, CEO David Donabedian (partner at Longwood Fund,  former executive at Abbvie and GlaxoSmithKline) has, in less than a year, build a leading company in the gut-brain-axis space
  3. Axial is spear-heading a paradigm-shift in the focus of new drug development for neurological disorders with initial therapeutic focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Parkinsons Disease and is poised to test its first compound in the clinic by 2018
  1. Circle is taking a truly new approach to high value therapeutic targets that have proven intractable to conventional drug modalities.
  2. Our platform combines computational design with scalable synthetic chemistry, allowing us to test multiple design hypotheses and rapidly iterate SAR series for hit to lead advancement.
  3. In our first couple of years, we have demonstrated that we can solve the problem of cell permeability in macrocyclic peptides, enabling us to address intracellular protein-protein interactions and enabling oral bioavailability.
Image result for Cocoon Biotech
  1. Silk's drug delivery platform potential enables partnerships in multiple therapeutic areas
  2. Passionate, complementary, and experienced team with expertise in therapeutic drug development
  3. Unique capital efficient organization with a focus on creating an other-orientated culture
Image result for Context Therapeutics
  1. R&D: Context Therapeutics has solved a 40 year problem - what is the function of Sigma1 and how to make it druggable. Sigma1 is a hot therapeutic target implicated in oncology, fibrosis, and neurodegenerative disease.
  2. TEAM: Context is led by a seasoned team that has developed 10+ FDA approved drugs, raised >$500M of VC capital, and returned >$7.5Bn to investors.
  3. FINANCE: Context is at a major inflection point - nomination of Clinical Development Candidate for cancer, emergence from stealth, and the raising of our Series A financing.
Image result for Immune-Onc Therapeutics, Inc.
  1. Golden Age of Cancer Immunotherapy and Unmet Needs: Immuno-oncology drugs are transforming cancer care worldwide, yet many patients still do not respond or relapse.  Immune-suppressive cells in tumor microenvironment are considered significant barriers to success.
  2. Excellent Scientific Insights and First-in-Class Products: We hold the keys to some of the immune-suppressive cells in tumor microenvironment which are targeted by our innovative therapeutic antibodies with first-in-class potentials.
  3. Experienced Team with Proven Ability to Execute: Founding team with deep expertise in drug development has, since the inception of Immune-Onc, already filed 3 patent applications, executed 2 comprehensive Licensing and Sponsored Research Agreements, and is building a robust product pipeline.
Image result for INmune Bio
  1. The “other immune system”:  We are focused on engineering the Innate Immune System's response to cancer using two platforms - INKmune, an NK cell therapeutic and INB003, an inhibitor of myeloid derived suppressor cells. 
  2. Will make all cancer therapies better: The platforms are agnostic to the type of cancer and can treat a variety of both hematologic and epithelial malignancies.  Each platform can be used in combination with small molecules, protein therapeutics, and/or cell and gene therapies.
  3. Rapid, low risk development path: We have identified multiple biomarkers that allow for innovative proof-of-biology trial design that improves efficiency and decreases risk of development path.
  1. Orion is developing our first in class 'Soluble Antigen Array' therapy aimed at disease interception in autoimmune conditions such as type-1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and nueromyelitis optica
  2. 'Soluble Antigen Arrays' safety will facility early, pre-symptomatic intervention for pediatric or Immune compromised subjects.
  3. Orion's 'Soluble Antigen Array' platform technology has applications beyond autoimmune disease with the next targets being in immunooncology
  1. We are developing our lead drug lixivaptan for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), a slowly-progressing but devastating genetic disease that affects about 120,000 people in the US and for which there are no drugs approved in the US.
  2. Our lead drug lixivaptan was tested by its prior sponsors in 1,673 subjects across 36 clinical studies for a different indication and could be FDA-approved for PKD as early as 2021.
  3. Patients can't wait and hope is priceless.
  1. Virvio's technology represents the next step in the evolution of biotherapeutics. Our synthetic miniprotein design process is unmatched across the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. With a promising asset for treating and controlling the spread of influenza, our company already has what it takes to make a difference in the world.
  3. And with countless additional platform opportunities across respiratory, gastrointestinal, and dermatological diseases, we're poised to change the way people think about biologics.
Image result for Zumutor Biologics Inc
  1. Zumutor is a niche Antibody engineering company with more than 16 IP's filed globally. The proprietary platforms enable new Ab development through Fc and Fab engineering techniques.
  2. Zumutor's positioning in Immuno Oncology ( current focus on NK cell therapies) is compelling for another round of capital raise.
  3. Given the context of the investor forum, Zumutor would be privileged to present its most recent data in the IO space for a global audience to raise monies.

Late Stage Leaders


Why You Should Vote

Image result for Agile Sciences Inc
  1. Have library of small molecules that overcome antibiotic resistance ranked one of the top three human health threats by WHO
  2. Novel mode of action is unique in the antibiotic resistance field
  3. Have identified lead compound to move forward to IND and human phase 1 trial
Image result for AmpliPhi Biosciences Corp
  1. AmpliPhi is developing a completely novel antimicrobial therapeutic, phage therapy.
  2. Phage therapy has a completely different MoA than antibiotics and can treat antibiotic resistant infections.
  3. AmpliPhi is forging a completely novel regulatory path and is currently embarking on a strategy to treat patients with serious or life-threatening infections under single patient expanded access guidelines.
Eidos Therapeutics
  1. Addressing a significant unmet need in treating transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy and polyneuropathy -progressive, fatal diseases without FDA-approved therapies
  2. Pursuing a validated therapeutic mechanism of stabilizing transthyretin, which targets the disease at its source
  3. Led by industry veterans responsible for 30+ molecules through IND and 9 marketed drugs
Embera Neuro
  1. Embera's novel, patented combination product (EMB-001) has the potential to address significant unmet needs in addiction, one the most costly CNS diseases worldwide
  2. Two indications of EMB-001 have advanced to Phase 2 clinical development, a treatment for cocaine addiction where there are no approved treatments and is the leading product in clinical development and and a second for smoking cessation, targetted to address the billion smokers worldwide.
  3. Embera has received significant validation of its product from the NIH, having been awarded an $11.1M grant to fund the Phase 2 cocaine addiction development program
Image result for Fabre-Kramer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  1. Will be launching in early 2019 the first truly novel treatment for Major Depression (Travivo) in over 30 years. 
  2. Travivo relieves depression while addressing key unmet needs of no sexual dysfunction or weight gain. Defined Health projects Travivo peak annual US sales of >$1.5 B.
  3. Fabre-Kramer remains closely held and will generate significant return to its investors, having financed its activities largely with licensing fees and  other non-dilutive financing.
  1. We are developing “firsts” – the first ever peptide-based vaccine for the treatment of celiac disease and the first personalized diagnostic toolkit for celiac disease, a disease which affects over 1% of the global population and is unrecognized by over 80% of patients
  2. Clinical data in over 150 celiac patients is positive - relevant bioactivity and target engagement was seen in three separate phase 1b studies 
  3. Our diagnostic/therapeutic platform is being leveraged for related autoimmune indications – we are currently pursuing type 1 diabetes
Image result for Kite Pharma
  1. Novel therapeutic products
  2. Leader in most exciting new field: cancer immunotherapy
  3. well funded and followed by the financial community
Image result for RXi Pharmaceuticals
  1. RXi's mission is to address diseases with major therapeutic need gaps. Its sd-rxRNA platform is key to novel, selective and potent drugs.  It has the potential to target several proteins that cannot be targeted by small molecule or antibody approaches.
  2. Preclinical and clinical development supports the potential of this approach in scarring conditions of the skin and eyes.
  3. Proven advantages of its platform in immuno-oncology program: blocking of intra- and extra-cellular checkpoints alone and in combinations; and modulating the expression of checkpoints in immune effector cells (CAR-T, TILs, NKs cells, etc.), resulting in enhanced activity against tumors.
Image result for Savara Inc.
  1. Aiming to become The Orphan Lung Disease Company
  2. Advanced pipeline treating rare diseases
  3. Experienced executive team
Image result for VisionGate Inc


  1. VisionGate is a clinical stage oncology pharmaceutical and diagnostics company introducing first-in-class therapeutic treatment for the prevention of lung cancer in combination with its companion diagnostic. 
  2. VisionGate’s mission is saving lives through early detection and treatment of cancer. Early detection is key to saving lives and especially true for lung cancer, the world’s number one cancer killer. 
  3. With 165+ patents issued globally, VisionGate is the only company that can both detect early lung cancer and the pre-cancer condition bronchial dysplasia with the LuCED® lung test  -  then treat with chemoprevention drug,  iloprost, a Phase II drug candidate.

Diagnostics and Beyond


Why You Should Vote

3i Diagnostics
  1. We have the potential to save over 15 million lives a year globally just for the sepsis patients who will be treated with targeted anitmicrobials in time to improve their survivability from 30% to over 80%
  2. We will create a new $20+ billion market that will result from $200 billion of healthcare cost savings globally due to sepsis patients having their infections identified in less than 15 minutes directly from a whole blood sample.
  3. We are developing a completely new technology platform that will make true precision medicine possible for treating and tracking infectious diseases, including AMR strains while also providing a new research tool for creating new antimicrobials by viewing microorganism compositional information in response to their environment in real time without destroying the microbes.
  1. Our Beacon Platform automates biological processes for cell line development, antibody discovery, gene editing, and synthetic biology, to accelerate workflows. For example, selecting clones for cell line development went from 50 days to 5, hybridoma cloning was reduced from 14 days to 2, and plasma b-cell workflows went from 90 days to 3.
  2. Our unique light-based technology moves, isolates, cultures, assays and exports individual cells with a nanofluidic chip based on semiconductor principles.
  3. Each day saved developing new biologics and cell therapies means reduced overall costs and earlier patient access.
Intact Genomics Logo
  1. Intact Genomics is the world leader of large DNA technology and innovation.
  2. Our innovation enables the exploration of micro-universe (dark matter), not only cultured bacteria-fungi, but also >99% un-cultivatable microbes in environment: such as soil and human microbiome.
  3. Our technology has the potential to revive large-scale natural product-drug discovery from soil microbe community and save life.


  1. Unmet Need/Opportunity – LynxBio is developing a cytomics-based platform to phenotypically assess the efficacy of multiple drug regimens for individual blood cancer patients.
  2. Multiple Milestones Achieved - The MicroC3 prototype has been completed, tested in a retrospective clinical trial, and is in its second, prospective clinical trial. The retrospective trial correctly identified all patients as clinically response or non-responsive to a common blood cancer drug. Upcoming trials will be in collaboration/sponsored by MD Anderson/SWOG/pharma partner and Mt Sinai.
  3. Team – LynxBio members developed MicroC3, with expertise spanning cancer biology, biomedical engineering, drug development, clinical oncology, and business.
  1. Our extensively proven, FDA cleared and broadly patented technology blocks pain on contact.  Recent research suggests the mechanism will actually speed repair of chronically damaged tissues.  Voting for us will transfer this technology to an effective over-the-counter low back pain solution for 100MM suffering before the year is out.
  2. CEO Amy Baxter MD is an international pain relief expert and scientist, and has spoken at TEDMED and Exponential Medicine about pain. After running a profitable medical device business while practicing emergency medicine full time, she quit practice in 2016 to focus on reducing opioid use.  She has adapted her external neuromodulatory Buzzy needle pain technology to musculoskeletal pain, and is now open to strategic funding and operational expertise to quickly bring the new low back pain device to market.
  3. You have pain, someone you love has pain, or someone you love is addicted to pain medicines.  Vote for VibraCool and change lives.

Pear Therapeutics

  1. Pear Therapeutics is a leader in digital therapeutics that has developed a pipeline of clinically validated digital therapeutics we call eFormulations™.
  2. Pear provides safe and efficacious products for patients, supportive engagement and tracking tools for clinicians, and cost-effective solutions for payors.
  3. Pear tests the efficacy of our digital interventions in randomized clinical trials, leveraging clinical trial data to file for FDA approval, and commercializing approved products. Our first clinical product - reSET for Substance Use Disorder - is about to become the first ever FDA approved digital therapeutic and will be released as a Class II medical device in Q3 2017.
QalibreMD quantitative MRI standards
  1. High payoff new technology that reduces MRI scan time from 45 min to 5 min for over 30,000 MRI's in the field ($60B diagnostic market)
  2. More accurate diagnostics and monitoring through quantitative correlation of disease states to image data without contrast injections to reduce unnecessary invasive biopsies.
  3. The company team has a reliable track record of successfully commercializing new technologies through rigorous application analysis and with industry connections to major MRI vendors and pharma companies.
Image result for Unima biotechnology
  1. Our technology helps solving the problem of lack of access to a timely diagnostic for 3 billion people living in the developing world or in low resource settings in developed countries and therefore has a significant social impact in the world
  2. The technology has attracted interest from international organizations landing major early users including two top global pharmaceutical companies, a national health system in Latin America and health NGOs in Africa
  3. The company has attracted important seed investors from Silicon Valley including YCombinator and Social Capital
Image result for Verndari Inc.
  1. Verndari “Stops the Jab” – pain free microarray patch delivery of vaccines
  2. Verndari expands reach of vaccines to more people
    *Lower total cost
    *Dose sparing and other technologies increase production capacity
    *Simplifies logistics by reducing needs for cold storage and trained administration personnel
  3. Rapid Response to new influenza, other pandemic and bio-terrorist threats
  1. Why use 3D tissue cultures without getting 3D data?
  2. Why cut multiple slides for FISH, when you can just use a thicker section instead?
  3. Why evaluate 1-2% of a biopsy when you can image the entire tissue?


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