BIO Announces Programming for the 17th Annual BIO Investor Forum

2017 Presenting Companies

Company Main Therapeutic Focus
3i Diagnostics, Inc. Infectious Diseases
Aadi Bioscience Inc Oncology
Ab Initio Biotherapeutics Platform for Therapeutics
AbbVie Multiline Global Biopharma
Abilita Bio, Inc. Oncology
Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Oncology
Adjuvance Technologies Vaccines
Aequor, Inc. Infectious Diseases
Aethlon Medical, Inc. Medical Devices
Akriveia Therapeutics Inc Oncology
AmpliPhi Biosciences Infectious Diseases
Amygdala Neurosciences, Inc. CNS/Neurological
APG Therapeutics Oncology
Apogenix AG Oncology
Apricus Biosciences Reproductive/Sexual Health
Aptinyx Inc. CNS/Neurological
Artery Therapeutics, Inc. CNS/Neurological
Aviara Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Oncology
BBN Cardio Therapeutics Cardiovascular
Berkeley Lights, Inc. Platform for Therapeutics
BeyondSpring Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Oncology
BioCeryx Diagnostics
BioEclipse Therapeutics Oncology
BioMarker Strategies, LLC Diagnostics
Biosafe Defenses, LLC Infectious Diseases
BioTrak Therapeutics Multiple Therapeutics
BlackThorn Therapeutics, Inc. CNS/Neurological
Blueprint Genetics Orphan/Rare Diseases
Bristol-Myers Squibb Immunology
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Multiple Therapeutics
Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Orphan/Rare Diseases
CBT Pharmaceuticals Inc. Oncology
Cellanyx Oncology
Celmatix Inc. Diagnostics
CHIME Biotherapeutics, Inc. Oncology
ChromaDex Corporation Orphan/Rare Diseases
Cingulate Therapeutics, LLC CNS/Neurological
Circle Pharma, Inc. Oncology
Circumvent Pharmaceuticals Inc CNS/Neurological
Context Therapeutics Oncology
Cue Biopharma, Inc. Oncology
CureMeta LLC Oncology
CytoSorbents Corporation Medical Devices
Daré Bioscience, Inc. Reproductive/Sexual Health
Decoy Biosystems, Inc. Oncology
Diapin Therapeutics LLC. Metabolic Diseases
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Oncology
DotBio Pte. Ltd. Oncology
DotLab Diagnostics
DrugCendR Inc. Oncology
Dyadic International, Inc. Platform for Therapeutics
Edesa Biotech Dermatology
Eidos Therapeutics, Inc. Cardiovascular
Embera NeuroTherapeutics, Inc. CNS/Neurological
EmeraMed Ltd Multiple Therapeutics
Empire Biotechnologies, Inc. Gastrointestinal
Eone-Diagnomics Genome Center Diagnostics
Episona, Inc. Reproductive/Sexual Health
Epitel, Inc. CNS/Neurological
Eureka Therapeutics Oncology
Exicure, Inc. Dermatology
Feldan Therapeutics Platform for Therapeutics
FenoLogica Biosciences, Inc. Tools/Drug Development Support Technology
Frequency Therapeutics, Inc. Regenerative Medicine
GeneCure Biotechnologies Infectious Diseases
Graybug Vision, Inc. Ophthalmology
Heat Biologics Oncology
Heidelberg Pharma AG Oncology
HepaTx Corporation Gastrointestinal
HuMurine Technologies Oncology
Illumina Accelerator Other
Imagia Cybernetics Inc. Oncology
Immune-Onc Therapeutics, Inc. Oncology
Immunovaccine Inc. Oncology
ImmusanT, Inc. Immunology
Impetis Biosciences Limited Multiple Therapeutics
Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Oncology
Inflammatix, Inc. Diagnostics
INmune Bio Oncology
Invenra Inc. Oncology
IRX Therapeutics, Inc. Oncology
iVeena Delivery Systems inc. Ophthalmology
LambdaGen Gene/Cell Therapy
Leading BioSciences, Inc. Gastrointestinal
LexaGene Holdings Inc. Infectious Diseases
Lifex Biolabs, Inc CNS/Neurological
Lin BioScience Oncology
Lyndra Inc Multiple Therapeutics
Magnetic Insight Inc Diagnostics
MangoGen Pharma Inc. Gene/Cell Therapy
Medikine, Inc. Other
MetaStat, Inc. Oncology
Molecular Assemblies, Inc. Tools/Drug Development Support Technology
Molecular Templates Oncology
Morphogenesis, Inc. Oncology
Mount Tam Biotechnologies, Inc. Multiple Therapeutics
MyGenomeBox Digital Health
NanOlogy, LLC Oncology
Navigen, Inc. Platform for Therapeutics
NERx Biosciences Oncology
NeuCyte, Inc. CNS/Neurological
NeuroActiva, Inc. CNS/Neurological
Neuroparticle Corporation CNS/Neurological
Next Science Medical Devices
Northern Biologics Oncology
NUProtein Co., Ltd Tools/Drug Development Support Technology
NuvOx Pharma Oncology
Obsidio Therapeutics, Inc. Oncology
Olema Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Oncology
Onco Therapies Inc Oncology
Oncoceutics, Inc. Oncology
OncoCyte Corporation Oncology
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Oncology
Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. Oncology
Opsidio, LLC Immunology
Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. Metabolic Diseases
Orgenesis Inc. Regenerative Medicine
ORIG3N, Inc. Regenerative Medicine
Orion BioScience Inc Immunology
Orpheus Therapeutics, Inc. Oncology
OrphoMed, Inc. Gastrointestinal
Paranta Biosciences Respiratory
PinpointRX Oncology
Pionyr Immunotherapeutics, Inc. Oncology
Precision NanoSystems Tools/Drug Development Support Technology
Probiodrug AG CNS/Neurological
Quellthera, Inc. Infectious Diseases
RadioMedix Inc Oncology
Realm Therapeutics, Inc. Dermatology
RECARDIO Inc. Cardiovascular
Relburn-Metabolomics, Inc. Inflammation
Resverlogix Corp Cardiovascular
RS Research Platform for Therapeutics
RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation Platform for Therapeutics
SciBac Inc Infectious Diseases
Sense Diagnostics, LLC Medical Devices
Sierra Oncology, Inc Oncology
Sigilon Therapeutics Inc Gene/Cell Therapy
Sirenas, LLC Platform for Therapeutics
Soteria Cell Therapeutics Oncology
Spiral Therapeutics Inc CNS/Neurological
Stream Biomedical, Inc. CNS/Neurological
Sutro Biopharma Inc. Oncology
Symic Bio, Inc. Multiple Therapeutics
Synergys Biotherapeutics, Inc. Oncology
Synthetic Biologics, Inc. Infectious Diseases
T3D Therapeutics, Inc CNS/Neurological
Tactiva Therapeutics Oncology
TARA Biosystems, Inc. Cardiovascular
TargaGenix, Inc Oncology
Tetra Biopharma Inc. Pain Management
Thrive Bioscience, Inc. Tools/Drug Development Support Technology
TMS Co., Ltd. Cardiovascular
Tourette Association of America CNS/Neurological
Valtari Bio Diagnostics
Vaxess Technologies Vaccines
ViaCyte Metabolic Diseases
Vical Incorporated Infectious Diseases
Vidac Pharma Oncology
Visikol Inc Tools/Drug Development Support Technology
VLP Therapeutics Vaccines
Zenith Epigenetics Oncology
Zosano Pharma CNS/Neurological
Zucara Therapeutics Inc. Metabolic Diseases
Zyngenia, Inc Inflammation
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2017 Presenting Companies

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Nominate Your Company to be the Buzz of BIO

The nominations period has closed. Voting will open September 11.

Ten biotechs will be nominated in each of the three categories, "Early Stage Entrepreneurs", "Late Stage Leaders" and "Diagnostics and Beyond". 

  • To qualify for the Early Stage Entrepreneur Grand Prize, companies must be actively developing a therapeutic product intended for FDA review that addresses human health issues and have raised less than $25 million USD as of July 1, 2018; have been founded after 2015; and have most recently completed either a Seed or Series A financing round. Companies that have previously presented at the BIO Investor Forum are not eligible for the Early Stage Entrepreneur category but are welcome to apply under the Late Stage Leader category (if the company meets the minimum dollar requirements of the Late Stage Leader category).

  • To qualify for the Late Stage Leader Grand Prize, companies must be actively developing a therapeutic product intended for FDA review that addresses human health issues and have raised more than $25 million USD as of July 1, 2018 and have enrolled at least one patient in a company-sponsored clinical trial posted at 

  • To qualify for the Diagnostics and Beyond category, companies must be primarily focused in medical diagnostics, drug delivery, drug development tools, or digital health technologies. 

Please note that the contest is open to U.S. companies only.

Read the official contest rules here. This page displays best on Chrome browsers.

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Nominate Your Company to be the Buzz of BIO
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BIO Partners with NIH and NSF for Fourth “Innovation Zone” Exhibit

Presenting Company Webcasts

Aethlon Medical, Inc.

Aphios Corporation

Apricus Biosciences, Inc.

Arch Therapeutics, Inc.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals

AVEO Oncology

BioMarker Strategies, LLC

BioTime, Inc.

Capricor Therapeutics, Inc.

Cerecor, Inc


Curetis N.V.


Heat Biologics, Inc.

hVIVO plc

Kadmon Holdings, Inc

Karyopharm Therapeutics

Mast Therapeutics, Inc.

Ocera Therapeutics, Inc.


Oncolytics Biotech Inc.

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.

OncoSec Medical Incorporated

PhaseRx, Inc.

ProNAi Therapeutics Inc

Proove Biosciences Inc.

Quanterix Corporation

RedHill Biopharma Ltd.

Relmada Therapeutics

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Reviva Pharmaceuticals Inc

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Sophiris Bio Inc.

Trovagene, Inc.

Valley Fever Solutions

Viking Therapeutics, Inc.

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2016 Presenting Company Webcasts

BIO Investor Forum 2016 Programming Announced