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Recorded Drug Pricing, Policy and Utilization Master Course

This is the recorded Understanding Drug Pricing, Policy, and Utilization course which has the same content, interactive exercises, and course materials that are given in the live version. You have 2 months to view this course. 

Understanding Drug Pricing, Policy, and Utilization examines the complexities of the US healthcare market. Many believe patient access to medications and pricing are solely determined by the drug companies; however, this is far too simplistic. This course provides a comprehensive look at how competing forces including the federal government, the insurance industry, and healthcare providers influence formulary systems, which in turn determines how patients access, use, and pay for medications. Learn how commercial and government databases housing pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomic information also drive drug policy and pricing. Perform basic cost-effectiveness and quality of life calculations to help you gain an appreciation for the types of decisions faced by various persons on the drug development team. Created and taught by a healthcare economist and social scientist, this engaging course is a must for anyone new to healthcare policy and pricing.

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  • Familiarity with types of information used to inform drug policy.
  • Ability to apply different types of analysis to determine drug prices.
  • Rationale in drug placement on formularies, as well as their monitoring for continued safety and effect on patient outcomes.
  • Appreciation of the product life cycle and supply chain issues in pricing, marketing, and reimbursement.
  • Understanding of the relationship between manufacturers, policymakers, pharmacies, and patients.

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Recorded Understanding Drug Pricing, Policy, and Utilization
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$795 USD
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$695 USD
Course Length:
5 hours
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Completion Period:
2 months
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  • View all videos
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  • Complete course evaluation
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