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Recorded Medical Device Development Immersion Master Course

This is the recorded Medical Device Development Immersion course which has the same content, interactive exercises, and course materials that are given in the live version. You have three months to view this course. 

Medical Device Development Immersion is a course designed for those who need to better understand all aspects of medical device development. Beginning with an overview of the medical device industry, the course quickly delves into the changing regulatory environment and the different regulatory pathways devices can undertake for FDA or EMA marketing approval. Attention is then focused on a detailed explanation of the five development phases—market opportunity, evaluation, design, verification, and manufacturing. The course ends with a brief look at commercialization, including reimbursement strategies. Learn from an industry expert with 30-years of experience in both large and start-up medical device companies. This is a recording of a Medical Device Development Immersion course given live.

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  • Fluency in the essential terminology and acronyms used in the medical device sector.
  • Improved communication with engineers, regulators, colleagues, and clients.
  • Ability to construct a medical device by following the traditional five phases of development.
  • Understanding of the medical device approval pathways in both the USA and European Union.
  • Conduct risk mitigation during medical device development.
Course Price:
$895 USD
BIO Member Price:
$795 USD
Course Length:
10 hours
Course Level:
Completion Period:
3 months
Course Format:

Certificate Requirements

  • View entire course
  • Read all articles
  • Answer all knowledge check questions
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