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Public Therapeutic Biotech


Why You Should Vote

altimmune logo
  1. Expected Ph2 data in 1Q18 on NasoVAX, our intranasally administered seasonal flu vaccine with potential universal coverage.
  2.  Expected Ph1 data in 4Q17 on HepTcell, a potential cure for chronically infected hepatitis b.
  3. Two government funded ($142M) anthrax vaccine programs.
Anavex logo
  1. Anavex Life Sciences is a biotech based in NYC developing a pipeline of sigma-1 receptor agonists.  Anavex’s lead drug candidate, ANAVEX®2-73, recently completed a successful a Phase 2a clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. ANAVEX®2-73 is an orally available drug candidate that restores cellular homeostasis by targeting sigma-1 and muscarinic receptors. Sigma-1 Receptor is an integral membrane protein involved in cellular homeostasis which targets restoration of neuroplasticity and cellular stress response, it is shown that lack of sigma-1 exacerbates disease progression. This is a new, relevant target and our compund demonstrates a favorable safety profile.
  3. The Company plans to launch 3 clinical trials in the near term. First, advancing the Alzheimer's clinical trial into a Phase 2/3. Second, initiating a Phase 2 Rett syndrome trial for which the Company was not only granted Orphan Drug Designation, but also has been granted financial support by, Third, being a Phase 2 clinical trial for Parkinson's disease, which has been encouraged by the preclinical collaboration with Michael J. Fox Foundation.
  1. 100% growth rate year over year.
  2. 0ver 20 products in 8 markets.
  3. On track to $10M in revenue for 2017, expexted $20M in revenue for 2018, and expect profitability in 2018.

Revance logo

  1. Exciting Late-Stage Drug Candidate.
  2. Pipeline in a Product (RT002 for Injection  -- a new, next-generation botulinum toxin). 
  3. First new innovation in the toxin market in nearly 30 years.
  1. Savara is an emerging biopharmaceutical company solely focused on developing orphan lung disease treatment. The company has a world-class team with proven track record of respiratory product development.
  2. Savara has a robust, promising pipeline with multiple assets in late-stage clinical development for the treatment of orphan lung diseases, including pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP), non-tuberculous mycobacterial (NTM), cystic fibrosis (CF), and heart failure (HFpEF). 
  3. Savara’s common stock was uplisted to the Nasdaq Global Select Market and the company recently closed a successful follow-on public offering of approximately $47 million.
  1. TapImmune’s off-the-shelf cancer vaccines boost patients’ immune systems to comprehensively stimulate both killer T-cells and helper T-cells to destroy cancer cells, and are designed to work with 80% of the population.
  2. Lead vaccine candidate, TPIV200, has fast-track status and Orphan Disease Designation in ovarian cancer, and is enrolling patients in four clinical trials in both ovarian and triple-negative breast cancer in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and AstraZeneca.
  3. Out-licensing PolyStart, a proprietary vaccine technology that enhances antigen expression up to ten-fold for DNA-based vaccines, which is able to direct synergistic immune responses against cancer or viral infections.

Private Therapeutic Biotech


Why You Should Vote

  1. Alkahest has a discovery platform that has identified novel targets and lead molecules for the treatment of age-related diseases, and is taking a unique and unbiased approach to intervention in Alzheimer's Disease.
  2. A Phase 2 trial with a novel plasma-derived product in Moderate-Severe AD will be initiated in 1Q18.
  3. A Phase 1b trial with an oral small molecule for the treatment of AMD will be initiated in 2Q18.

Cantex logo

  1. Two products in phase II addressing major unmet needs: an oral well-tolerated combination of disulfiram and copper for glioblastoma and castration-resistant prostate cancer, and soon for pancreatic cancer, and a low anticoagulant heparin derivative for AML and refractory myelodysplastic syndrome, and soon for traumatic brain injury.
  2. Both products extremely well tolerated.
  3. Outstanding scientific basis, compelling peer-reviewed literature, and early positive clinical results.
Exicure logo
  1. Exicure is building a world-class biotechnology company using the power of our spherical nucleic acid (SNA) technology.  SNAs promise to transform the way drugs are designed and developed by using the knowledge of the human genome to treat diseases at their genetic source.
  2. We are using the power of SNA technology to bring therapeutic hope to large unaddressed markets as well as small, under-served patient populations.
  3. SNA technology will fulfill the promise of nucleic acid therapeutics.  SNAs enable an exciting combination of safe delivery of nucleic acids to human tissues not addressable with conventional drugs and a development process that uses rapid, scalable, digital design.
Immunomic logo
  1. Unique funding strategy: ITI has been funded entirely by angel investors and Family Offices, totaling just less than $20 million in private equity and dividend reinvestment. With that minimal investment, ITI created over $317 million in licensing revenue and created a 5-6x return.  
  2. Strategic partnerships: ITI has executed three commercial partnerships, two with Astellas Pharma and one with Geron/Asterias, with initial license payments of over $300 million and pending milestone payments of $55 million.
  3. Diverse product application: ITI's technology, LAMP-Vax™ has the potential to be applied in a number of disciplines including oncology, infectious disease and allergy.
LogicBio logo
  1. Innovative science (new class of gene therapy/genome editing) recognized in peer-reviewed journals (2 Nature papers, one Science TM, one Molecular Therapy, one EMBO...).
  2. Unique ability to safely treat kids suffering from liver mediated diseases (FIH H2 2019).
  3. Very experienced team in product development backed by leading investors ($45M funding in 06/17).
Lyric Pharmacuetics 
  1. Resurrected highly active ""dead drug"" that had failed pivotal studies, through smart and novel clinical pharmacologic assessment.
  2. Trailblazing major unmet medical need in the Intensive Care Unit with potential first-in-class, best-in-class drug on FDA Fast-Track.
  3. Capital efficient development team leveraging $80M of prior program spend with effective semi-virtual organization archetypal of current VC preferences.
Rafael Pharmaceuticals logo
  1. Innovative Compound.
  2. Significant signal.
  3. Across Hem and Solid tumors, single and in combo activity in multiple indications. 
  1. Rebiotix is the pioneer and leader in harnessing the human microbiome to treat debilitating diseases.
  2. Rebiotix is the most clinically successful microbiome company, with its lead product, RBX2660, in Phase 3.
  3. Rebiotix's microbiome platform technology has demonstrated the ability to rehabilitate the human microbiome by delivering a broad consortium of live microbes into a patient's intestinal tract.
Tizona Therapuetics
  1. Tizona is an emerging biotech company developing transformational immunotherapies for cancer utilizing novel targets and scientific insights.
  2. Experienced leadership team with strong immunology and antibody discovery expertise, as well as a record of execution.
  3. Supported by a top tier investor group.

Diagnostics and Beyond


Why You Should Vote

Continuus Pharmacueticals
  1. Novel drug manufacturing process to eliminate FDA drug shortages and challenges with National Stockpile.
  2. Novel drug manufacturing process to improve accessibility and affordability of medications worldwide.
  3. Novel drug manufacturing process to bring drug manufacturing back to the U.S.A and make our nation a Center of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Enteris Biopharma logo

  1. Enteris BioPharma is an industry leader in innovative oral dosage formulation. Our unique patented oral drug delivery platform technology has the ability to effectively deliver a variety of molecules across multiple therapeutic indications.
  2. Enteris BioPharma’s technology is enabling. Our technology allows companies the opportunity to convert typically injectable molecules to an oral formulation and affords the partner the opportunity to pursue new, unmet medical needs as well as product life cycle management. 
  3. Enteris BioPharma’s technology is proven. Since the company’s formation in 2013, Enteris BioPharma has demonstrated the ability to deliver peptides, including BCS class II, III, & IV compounds, in an enteric-coated tablet. Currently there are 5 programs in the clinic utilizing our technology, two of which are our own programs. We anticipate that at least two additional programs will enter the clinic in the next 12 months.

Grace Labs

  1. Major concern in football and other contact sports is concussion
  2. GRACE Labs has a working prototype of a five minute sideline point of care blood test for mild concussion, which is very difficult to diagnose in a regular medical exam. Test uses a drop of blood from a finger prick.
  3. Test can not only indicate if concussion has occurred, but can also monitor how brain is recovering.
Ohmx logo
  1. Proprietary electrochemical measurement method leads to quick, clear, quantitative diagnostic results at the Point of Care. 
  2. Speed and accuracy support timely clinical decisions, reducing wait times, informing treatments, and leading to cost-efficient high-quality patient care.
  3. Current Point of Care testing techniques provide rapid test results when speed is essential, but in many cases, superior performance is sacrificed to achieve rapid results. The Ohmx Platform can measure low concentrations similar to central lab instruments (e.g. LOD 0.8ng/L for troponin I).
Precision Nanosystems logo
  1. Precision NanoSystems Inc. (“PNI”) is the developer of the NanoAssemblr family of instruments that allow scientists to rapidly develop novel nanomedicine drug candidates. PNI’s technology is enabling some of the most exciting therapeutic programs happening today.  This includes for companies developing siRNA, mRNA, Crispr, small molecule, protein and other drug modalities, for many indications including oncology, rare diseases, metabolic, cardiovascular, infections diseases and others.   
  2. PNI is commercial stage, with over 180 systems sold world wide in over 20 countries.  We are working with over 60 companies including 10 of the top 15 pharma.   We are rapidly growing, with revenue increasing approximately 100 fold over the past 5 years.
  3. PNI is aiming to identify partners to rapidly expand its business and to help enable the promise of precision and personalized therapeutics."

Quadrant Biosciences

  1. Quadrant Biosciences is striving to address two important and highly visible health issues facing parents and children: concussion and autism(ASD).  
  2. We have commercially released ClearEdge®, a functional assessment tool for brain health including concussion, and just published groundbreaking research in JAMA on our epigenetic biomarker that accurately predicts the duration and type of concussion related symptoms.  
  3. Our robust bioinformatics platform and largest database of children with ASD ages 2-6 has been deployed in the development of epigenetic biomarkers for ASD to be commercialized in 2018; and to support ongoing clinical studies in Parkinson’s disease and anorexia."
Rockland Technimed
  1. Disruptive technology with multiple areas of clincal applications
  2. Potential to significantly alter the standard of care in managing critical neurological and cardio catastrophes
  3. Global IP in this pent up market segment of Theranostics
  1. Founded in 2007, has played a pivotal role in creating the online research outsourcing market. has worked on sourcing projects for researchers at almost every large pharmaceutical company during over the last decade. 
  2. marketplaces offer streamlined source to settle processes that speed up and improve the process for researchers while providing procurement oversight from start to finish, translating into time and cost savings.
  3. allows researchers to focus their attention on carrying out the most imaginative and game-changing experiments while fostering a company-wide culture of innovation that can dramatically improve research success."

Sword Diagnostics logo

  1. Sword’s mission is to help create a world where more drugs are available to increase the quality of life and decrease disease. A world where people are not dying because drug development is difficult and delays its market availability; or a good drug is discarded because its value is missed due to outdated technology.
  2. Sword’s patented technology enables the rapid production of “Build to Order” tests that accelerate drug development.  Sword seamlessly integrates with 50 year old ELISA technology in use today.  
  3. Sword gives Pharma what they value most- faster drug development and faster time to market.
Xcell Biosciences
  1. We enable easy, reproducible expansion of wide range of primary human cells, including autologous co-cultures of immune and tumor cells.
  2. We use precise control of cellular microenvironments to change cell phenotype, population mix, and function, resulting in the first platform for cell therapy screening, optimization, and tailored therapeutic expansion.  
  3. We are empowering researchers in large, high growth markets including both immunotherapy and regenerative medicine


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