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Engaging Media at BIO CEO & Investor Conference

BIO CEO & Investor Conference (CEO) is an ideal event to make and break news before an audience of industry experts and reporters from trade, consumer and wire news outlets. Suggestions for attracting media and creating buzz include:

Pitching Media in Advance 

Typically by late January, nearly all reporters covering BIO CEO & Investor Conference have already registered to attend. You can share relevant releases and pitch story and interview ideas to these media by requesting the list from Theresa Brady. Maximize your chance of being noticed by creating strong messages and effective press materials.

Targeting Your Local Press 

Engage your local media by letting them know of your CEO participation and describe your role in driving biotechnology innovation in the area. Offer to pen op-eds discussing your company’s impact on the local economy and previewing your CEO company presentation. For additional data to support your position, refer to the TEConomy/BIO report which details the economic value of the bioscience industry in the United States and includes profiles for all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.                       

Providing Press Kits

BIO partners with Business Wire to fill online press kit and press release distribution needs.  Any company wishing to create an online press kit for CEO may do so for a nominal fee. 

Business Wire news releases and online press kits are made available to media/analysts through a dedicated news archive and are accessible for a full year following the event, providing greater value for companies submitting kits. 

Learn more about Business Wire's services including news release distribution, online press kits, social media monitoring and more.

Announcing Your Company Presentation

If your company is presenting at BIO CEO & Investor Conference you may want to:

  • Send a media advisory to registered and other media who may be interested in your company presentation.
  • Send an advisory to your local newspaper and business media who may want to cover remotely.
  • Create a compelling press kit that includes the company description, leadership bios and product pipeline.
  • Offer the media one-on-one interviews with company spokespeople after the presentation.
  • Arm company representatives with an elevator pitch and key messages for their networking.

Posting on Social Media

As many print outlets are now posting their stories online first, maximize online media opportunities by using #BIOCEO18 on all your social media postings. Leverage media tools like podcasting and blogs to extend your reach. Follow us @IAmBiotech. You can also keep up with the latest news regarding the conference on BIO’s CEO & Investor Conference LinkedIn page and on BIO’s blog site, BIOtechNow.  

Participating in the BIO Buzz Center

The Buzz Center is the social media and video hub during BIO CEO & Investor Conference, hosting industry leaders sharing their perspectives on key industry trends. Videotaped interviews from the Buzz Center are shared on BIO’s social media platforms including BIO’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account. There is space for video interviews, live blogging/tweeting, media interviews, conversations between industry executives and attendees / media, etc. All attendees are encouraged to stop by and visit the Buzz Center during the course of the event.

Hosting the Buzz Center this year is Rob Wright, Chief Editor of Life Science Leader!

To apply for participation in a Buzz Center interview, submit the following to Theresa Brady:

  • A compelling topic for the interview which will appeal to a wide range of attendees
  • The biography of the applicant
  • Video of the applicant in an interview or presentation setting


Theresa Brady
Director, Event Communications
Phone: 202-962-9235