BIO's business and therapeutic panel discussions, plus Fireside Chats with biopharma leaders, provide insights on issues essential to the industry and provide a wealth of information of strategic relevance to help your organization succeed.

Join us for three days of live and on-demand sessions covering a mix of therapeutic areas, business development, public policy, and next-generation biotherapeutics, along with added content relevant to industry responses to COVID-19.

2022 Topics Include:
  • Policy Outlook: Reviewing the Biden Administration’s Healthcare Priorities 
  • Treating Cancer Through Precision Oncology
  • What is New in Cross-Pacific Deal-making and Investment?
  • Market Outlook—Gauging the Impact of Public Market Volatility on Private Equity Priorities 
  • Exploring the Possibilities of Developing Neurodegenerative Therapeutics
  • Demonstrating Sustainability to ESG Investors
  • The Future of Corporate Governance: Implementing Change and Leading the Way 
  • Creating the Next Generation of Biotech Start-Ups through Incubators
  • The Promise of Protein Degradation in Treating Undruggable Targets
  • Strategic M&A Under Attack: Regulator Resistance and SPAC Competition
2021 Speakers

Meet the roster of industry leaders who spoke at the 2021 event.

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2021 Program Topics

BIO’s top-notch education program will continue to host the biotechnology and pharma industry's most critical conversations.

Statement on Diversity

BIO is committed to workforce development, diversity, and inclusion, and incorporates these values into all aspects of BIO operations. Program development for BIO’s events will be considered in this light, with specific attention paid to speakers’ gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and gender identity, as well as their company’s focus, financing, geographic location, and size.  Diverse programming at BIO’s events allows BIO to remain a strong leader in efforts to ensure that the biotechnology industry can attract, develop, and retain a high-quality, globally competitive employee talent pool. Learn more about Workforce Development, Diversity, & Inclusion at BIO.