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Reg Benefits 0112

Registration benefits are subject to change.


Registration Rates

Registration Type BIO Member Standard
Premier Access $2,325 $2,825
Emerging/Discovery/Government/Academic/Non-Profit $1,100 $1,500
Service Provider** $4,125


**Partnering access is not included/provided with this registration type. To receive this benefit, please contact BIO for sponsorship opportunities.  




Qualified investors are defined as institutional, private equity, angel, and venture investors with funds on-hand, whose primary activity is a direct investment in research and development companies (e.g., hedge fund, mutual fund, or venture fund). Equity research analysts from investment banking institutions and buy-side analysts also qualify as investors. View the criteria required to be considered for complimentary investor registration.


Qualified Investors receive complimentary registration.
The last date for investor registration is Thursday, February 10.  
There will be NO new investor registrations accepted on-site in New York; please register in advance.



Company Presentations

Company Presentation + Registration

Please note: you must apply to present and be approved before you can register for a company presentation. The rates below include one (1) registration.


Presentation Fees

(includes one conference registration)

BIO Member Standard
Public Companies $6,075 $7,575
Private Companies $4,945 $6,445
Emerging Companies $2,780 $3,300
Discovery Companies $1,930 $2,450
Premier Virtual $2,850 $3,525
Emerging & Discovery Virtual $1,625 $2,200


Media Information


  • Marketing executives, sales representatives, public relations executives, analysts, consultants, authors, and researchers may not register as media.
  • Advance media registration is encouraged for all types of media including web-based, college, and freelance reporters.
  • BIO Communications is available to assist you with contacting companies and speakers and setting up interviews. Please contact Theresa Brady if you need assistance. 



More information on how your company would be classified.  Read our full list of registration policies here. 

For the purposes of registration for any BIO event, conference or meeting, the classification of a registrant as a research and development company, an industry service provider, an academic & technology licensing officer or a qualifying investor is subject to review by BIO.  In its sole discretion, BIO reserves the right to make the determination of the proper classification of a registrant.  Depending on this classification, an additional registration fee may be required. BIO reserves the right to publish materials and restrict conference and/or partnering system access consistent with these determinations.

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