Applying Game Theory to Negotiations and Business Development: Spotlights on Deal Making and the Elevator Pitch

8:30 AM - 1:00 PM (EST), Wednesday, February 12, 2020 ・ Julliard Complex
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This workshop is designed for executives who wish to implement the learnings from Game Theory to enhance their Elevator Pitch and Negotiations skills for pursuing business development deals and strategic decision making. The uniqueness of this advanced workshop is to leverage the combination of these skills.

You will learn to anticipate but also to plan ahead strategically by making use of insights from game theory, with the aim to improve decision making and negotiation outcomes.

At the workshop, first, the core-elements of Game Theory will be explained, followed by the application of Game Theory to enhance your Elevator Pitch for your company or your proposed deal. Second, the learnings will be applied to case example biopharma deals to enhance your negotiations skills. The workshop will conclude with a group- exercise where you will work in teams to negotiate and attempt to close an M&A deal.
Head of Alliance Management
Merck KGaA
Professor of Economics
SRH University Heidelberg