Morphogenesis, Inc.

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Morphogenesis is a clinical stage cell/gene therapy company focusing on a platform of cancer immunomodulators that stimulate the immune system to recognize and kill tumor cells. These off-the-shelf nucleic acid immunomodulators employ the expression of a proprietary protein that evokes patient-specific tumor recognition and broad immune activation and leads to a systemic and sustained response against tumor cells of the type that expressed the protein. Importantly, this mechanism of action is cancer agnostic, and our clinical development program is, therefore, multi-pronged. We have completed a Phase 1 clinical trial for late stage cutaneous melanoma and are about to begin Phase 2. We have also begun Phase 1 trials for other skin cancers. Our intellectual property portfolio comprises over 30 issued/pending patents with exclusivity for 15+ years. Our fully integrated facility is designed to accommodate activities from product R&D through the manufacture of final products under cGMP.
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Morphogenesis Inc.