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Most drug candidates (>70%) are poorly soluble resulting in poor bioavailability. Many technologies (e.g. spray dry dispersion, hot melt extrusion, liposomal, nano emulsion, nano crystals, etc.) have been developed to address this solubility concerns in NCE. However, all of these methods use chemicals that become a part of drug. This can lead to potential drug product toxicity and, possibly, stability as well. Additionally, these solubilization approaches are iterative which results in the consumption of large quantities of scarce and expensive drug substance as well as require long formulation development timelines. We developed a physical nanoformulation platform which generates API nanoparticles without using any chemicals. We can rapidly develop nanoformulations of NCE with <7g of drug in 1 month and provide pre-clinical testing samples within 7 weeks. Drug nanoparticles we generate using the patent-pending technology can be formulated into variety of dosage forms.

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United States
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Pulmonary delivery of Remdesivir Nanoparticles
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Nano PharmaSolutions, Inc.