Shaperon Inc.

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Shaperon is a clinical-stage biotech company with world's first inflammasome inhibitors that regulate both IL-1b and TNF-a. Its novel MoA of inflammasome inhibition through GPCR-P2X7 modulation provides a solution to inherent shortcomings of current inflammasome inhibitors.
• suppresses not only IL-1b but TNF-a, IL-6, and other major pro-inflammatory cytokines
• overcomes inherent shortcomings of conventional P2X7 antagonists and NLRP3 inhibitors such as off-target effects, polymorphism, and redundant pro-inflammatory pathways etc.
• induces immune regulatory circuit by increasing the number of Treg and MDSCs
• most advanced development pipelines among peers
- phase 2 in atopic dermatitis (topical) ongoing
- phase 2 in Covid 19 pneumonia (IV) ongoing
- phase 1 in sepsis completed
- pre-clincial stage in Alzheimer's disease, ulerative colitis, NASH (oral)
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Korea - South Korea
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NuGel® for atopic dermatitis (P2 on-going) , NuSepin® for COVID 19 pneumonia (P2 on-going)
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Shaperon Inc.