EV Therapeutics, Inc.

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EV Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage start-up developing a novel immune checkpoint inhibitor combination therapy based on our proprietary modified extracellular vesicles (mEVs) that significantly enhance immunotherapy efficacy in advanced stage metastatic colorectal cancers (CRC). We have completed five years of mechanistic and pre-clinical studies and data suggests that we may be able to extend the survival of these patients by an unprecedented 8 months. Our therapeutic platform consists in reactivating the suppressed CD28-CD80/86 function in T-cells, which in turn allows the patient’s immune system to synergistically benefit from the immunotherapy. Our platform technology can also be used as a cancer vaccine for minimal residual disease patients thereby preventing future cancers from returning in these patients. We are open to out-licensing and co-develop opportunities using our modified extracellular vesicle (mEVs) technology.
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EV Therapeutics, Inc.