Osmol Therapeutics, Inc.

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Osmol, a development stage biopharma company, is advancing a novel treatment to prevent chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) caused by several chemotherapy agents including taxanes, the leading breast cancer treatment. CIPN is a significant unmet need with no approved treatments for patients suffering CIPN (up to 80%) and can limit chemotherapy treatment. The technology is exclusively licensed from Yale University. Osmol has initiated a financing to complete the remaining IND-enabling preclinical studies and begin human testing in early 2022.

CIPN is driven by the dysregulation of neuronal calcium sensor-1 (NCS1), a protein that regulates intracellular calcium, synaptic transmission and nerve terminal growth. Osmol is developing OSM-0205, a patented, IV formulation of a previously approved oral drug to modulate NCS1 function & prevent neuronal damage caused by the off-target effects of chemotherapy. Osmol’s pipeline addresses other diseases driven by NCS1 dysregulation.
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United States
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OSM-0205, a preventative treatment for chemotherapy induce peripheral neuropathy
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Osmol Therapeutics, Inc.