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Founded by biotech pioneers Lee Hood, Jim Heath and Al Luderer, Indi Molecular is developing fully synthetic low molecular weight cyclic peptide and peptidomimetic therapeutics in areas of greatest unmet oncology medical need. We are able to target previously ‘untargetable’ targets due precision epitope targeting and predictive chemistry modeling. Discovered small molecules exhibit sub nanomolar target affinity, specificity down to a single amino acid residue and are cell penetrant. We have advanced a 177Lu targeted ovarian cancer therapeutic through in vivo proof of concept. IND preparation has begun. We have separately advanced an intracellular functional, KRAS G12D targeted inhibitor to in vivo testing. Our scientific and clinical work benefits from a collaborator network including Lee Hood, MD PhD, Jim Heath, PhD (Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle WA) and Mike Phelps, PhD (UCLA Medical School, Los Angeles CA). Twelve issued US Patents protect the underlying technology.
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United States
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Ovarian cancer targeted therapeutic with combined imaging agent
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Indi Molecular, Inc.