Guo-Liang Yu, PHD

Foster City, California, United States
Dr. Guo-Liang Yu is a co-founder of Apollomics, Inc. He is a venture partner at Orbimed Venture LLC and the Executive Chairman of Crown Bioscience Inc. Dr. Yu co-founded Epitomics Inc., an antibody-based Biotechnology Company recently acquired by Abcam at $170 M. He served as Chairman, President and CEO of Epitomics Inc. for 10 years. Dr. Yu’s success is driven by his scientific curiosity and a passion for translating scientific discovery to real products. His challenge is to balance his time between science and business, fun and work, family and community.

He moved from China to the US to pursue advanced training after graduating from Fudan University in 1984. He obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley where he contributed to the discovery of telomerase and its mechanism of action in Dr. Blackburn’s lab. Drs. Blackburn and Greider received the Nobel Prize in 2009 for their discovery. After graduating, Dr. Yu joined Dr. Frederick Ausubel’s lab at Harvard to pursue the question of how plants defend themselves against pathogens without an immune system. He identified the first plant disease resistance gene.
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3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)
Tuesday, February 16
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