David Richards

Columbus, Ohio, United States
Mr. Richards is a life sciences executive with over a decade of experience in pre-clinical and clinical development at biotechnology and pharmaceutical startups. Mr. Richards currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for Clarametyx Biosciences, Inc., which is developing a transformational biologic platform of non-antibiotic, biofilm structure-targeting therapies and vaccines. Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richards served as Chief Business Officer of Clarametyx from the company’s inception. Previously, Mr. Richards served in an operational and general counsel role for Aclipse Therapeutics, which is developing novel inhibitors in the neurocognitive space based upon new understandings of disease pathways. Earlier, Mr. Richards served in operational and general counsel capacities for N8 Biosciences, a startup biotechnology company commercializing a portfolio of novel small molecule compounds that mimic naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides.
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Clarametyx Biosciences is building a transformative biologic platform for biofilm-associated…