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June 10-11 & 14-18, 2021

Beyond Imagination: SAB Biotherapeutics

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Beyond Imagination: SAB Biotherapeutics

As BIO Digital kicks off today, we continue our BIO: Beyond Imagination series featuring the technology and scientific advancements of BIO member companies. Our newest post features SAB Biotherapeutics and its innovative approach for a potential COVID-19 treatment. Don’t miss SAB’s President and CEO, Eddie Sullivan at this morning’s plenary session entitled Leveraging Innovative Technology to Treat COVID-19.

We know that COVID-19 was of zoonotic origin. Is it possible that a potential treatment lies in the reverse – human to animal? In a recent I am BIO podcast, “Herd” Immunity”, Dr. Eddie Sullivan, president, co-founder and CEO of SAB Biotherapeutics explains how antibodies from cows may be key to treating COVID-19...