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Catch up on the action and thought-leadership from BIO Digital Week in the Live Blog!

Read recaps of top sessions, news coverage, and trending moments from the week. Here's the latest from the live blog. 

The Latest From the Live Blog

Heal our social genome.

Yesterday, BIO’s President and CEO Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath led a discussion with Black CEOs of biotechnology companies and BIO leadership: Dr. Tony Coles, CEO and Chair of the Board of Cerevel Therapeutics LLC; Dr. Ted Love, President and CEO of Global Blood Therapeutics; and Dr. Jeremy Levin, CEO of Ovid Therapeutics Inc. and Chair of the Board of BIO. 

We encourage you to watch the full video—it's available here.

But we want to leave you with one takeaway in language the biotech community can best understand, in the words of Dr. Coles:


What We Learned on Day 4 of BIO Digital

1. We weren’t prepared for this pandemic—but we can learn from it, so we’re prepared in the future.

“If I were to make a plea to the investment community, your return on investment in innovative manufacturing technologies could be quite dramatic,” said Jeremy Levin, Chairman of BIO’s Board and CEO of Ovid Therapeutics Inc., in today’s session on how COVID-19 will change biomedical R&D across the globe. 

The medical professionals on the panel had a fascinating conversation on the shortcomings of the US and Europe’s response to the pandemic and how at-home diagnostics and manufacturing is likely the key that made Asia’s response so swift and strong.

2. And that future pandemic could come sooner than we think. During this morning's town hall, Dr. Peter Marks, Director of FDA’s Centers for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), talked about the agency’s COVID-19 priorities and how the pandemic will shape the new normal.

“At the end of the day, we better be putting things down in our pandemic playbook," said Dr. Marks. 

“Believe it or not, we have to be ready for the fact that a second wave could get worse,” he concluded. “If we want to do our jobs right, we have to think through all the possibilities here.”


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