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Taiwan Delegation
Taipei, Taiwan
1. Taiwan, a BIO-ICT integrator

Highly competitive ICT experiences and technology development are driving the growth of biomedical innovations in Taiwan, which lead to a boom in start-ups and enormous potential for further collaboration.

Taiwan’s healthcare system has been recognized by many international rankings. In 2021, Taiwan ranked 2nd in Personalized Healthcare Index for Asia Pacific released by the Economist. From 2019 to 2021, Taiwan has been ranked No.1 in Numbeo's health care index. Healthcare professionals with a solid scientific background have greatly strengthened the reliability and sophisticated nature of healthcare service and clinical research in Taiwan.

2. Taiwan delegation has diverse biomedical solutions for international collaboration

Taiwan delegation consists of 46 companies and organizations, including industry players, government ministries, academic and research institutes, and hospitals. Their expertises include biotechnology, small molecule drugs, biologics, regenerative medicine, contracted services (i.e. CRO/CDMO) and precision health. Diverse biomedical experiences and solutions will be provided for further cooperation with international counterparts.

3. Government dedicates to precision health promotion

To boost the development of biomedical industry, many ministries of Taiwan government, including the Board of Science and Technology (BOST), the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Council of Agriculture, have collaborated on policy reforms and allocation of resources for establishing a comprehensive ecosystem.

Bio-industrial clusters and an official big data platform in healthcare have been built to facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation and data applications. Government prioritizes to build effective public-private partnerships and continues to provide a supportive environment for international investors, companies and start-ups.

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