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Italian Trade Agency
Rome, Rome, Italy
The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is the Governmental Agency that supports Italian companies’ business development abroad and promotes foreign investment to Italy.
With a network of 79 offices in 65 countries, ITA serves as a gateway for enterprises interested in establishing, developing, and expanding business relationships with Italian partners, sourcing Italian products, and pursuing investment opportunities. More specifically, the agency educates, trains, consults with, publicizes, and otherwise assists small and medium-sized businesses in spreading the Made In Italy brand worldwide. Foreign companies interested in Italian products and services or looking to partner with Italian companies can access a find-your-Italian partner directory, a database with profiles of more than a thousand firms, searchable by sector or product. ITA offers high-level tutoring services to guide foreign investors strategically through the investment life cycle.
The main goal is to facilitate opportunities to meet and engage with local and international partners, investors, and potential customers through meetings, pitches, and roundtable discussions.