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United Kingdom

Department for International Trade
London, United Kingdom
The UK is a global leader in life sciences and healthcare innovation. Through our strong foundations and heritage, we continue to push the boundaries of scientific discovery. This is made possible by the unique collaborative ecosystem we have built, spanning the NHS, academia, industry and policy. With our talent, institutions and proven track record, we are in a unique position to partner and deliver breakthroughs with the high standard you get from the UK.

• Our research and industry base is known for its pool of talent, scientific merit, and collaborative delivery – 14% of the world’s most cited publications are from the UK and overall 55% of our publications were the products of international collaboration.
• Our biotech sector is thriving and on track for record-breaking investment this year. These companies are filling the pipeline and developing cutting edge products, technologies and services.
• We are looking for innovative partnerships to deliver the future of healthcare, from precision medicine to advances in population health and prevention, and to improve manufacturing and health resilience.
• We are advancing global life sciences, leading the way in genomics research and integration into clinical care, with a national genomic medicine service and discovery platform.
• Our Future Health will collect information from millions of volunteers to create one of the most detailed pictures we’ve ever had of people’s health, to make new discoveries and to transform the prevention, detection and treatment of dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
• No matter your life sciences ‘personality’, there is a place for you in the UK and we’ll help you find it – connecting with the people, partners and UK landing locations to achieve your vision, all in one of the world’s best places to do business.

The success of international collaboration, including US-UK collaboration, has increased our global capability to overcome this Covid-19 pandemic, and will help to build our resilience to future disease outbreaks. To learn more opportunities to partner, buy from or invest in the UK, contact

Invest Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is shaping tomorrow’s healthcare through its thriving life and health sciences sector and an ecosystem that benefits from a strong collaborative approach between industry, academia and clinicians.

With over 250 companies operating within the sector, the region has an established reputation for innovation and expertise across a range of specialisms, including; precision medicine, diagnostics, medtech, eHealth, clinical trials, big data, health & wellbeing, healthcare, and research centres.

Northern Ireland is also home to internationally recognised universities; Queen's University Belfast, ranked as the highest performing UK University for commercialisation of research and Ulster University, one of the top 5 universities in the UK for world-leading research in biomedical sciences.

International investors successfully operating in Northern Ireland include: Almac Group, CV6 Therapeutics, Randox Laboratories, Terumo BCT Inc., and Teva Pharmaceuticals Group.

Invest Northern Ireland is the regional business development agency for Northern Ireland.

To find out more, contact;

Philip McCann, International Trade Adviser – Life & Health Sciences, Invest Northern Ireland. E:

Michael Conlon, Business Development Manager – Life & Health Sciences, Invest Northern Ireland. E:
UK delegation-Department for International Trade joint delegation with Invest Northern Ireland.
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