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NanoValent Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Bozeman, MT, United States of America
NanoValent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NVP) founded in 2006, is a privately-held, Montana-based company collaborating with USC Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and Boston University. Management, Angel Investors and substantial grant funding has advanced the company's platform. NVP issued convertible notes in 2017 raising $265k and $4M in SBIR grant funds to engaging GMP contractors and preparing for BLA activities with our lead therapeutic NV103.

NVP is advancing a new generation of novel targeted lipid nanoparticle compounds that combines antibody targeting capability with enhanced (so far 10-20 fold) drug delivery efficiency. This has improved efficacy and reduced off-target toxicity in several tumor models.

NVP drugs are subject to broad patent control by NVP and we have so far developed three 'in-house' lead candidates in cancer: NV101 (Doxorubicin-anti-CD99), NV102 (Doxorubicin-anti-CD19) and NV103 (Irinotecan-anti-CD99), all of which are approaching phase 1 validation. NV101 in Ewing Sarcoma (ES), NV102 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and NV103 for ES, GBM and HCC (all CD99 expressing tumors).

NVP's immediate commercial focus is oncology with a pediatric emphasis through CHLA, the lead program has non-pediatric potential and, the technology is being applied in other oncology and non-oncology therapeutic applications.

Our collaboration with Boston University is specifically centered on using the stability and targeting attributes our targeted novel lipids structures to address the prevention and imaging of post surgical adhesions with ultrasound.