Patents in the Time of Covid-19: Innovation and Access to Medicine now and for the future

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In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Biotech- and Pharmaindustry and public institutions are working together to find solution to fight corona. Some were very quick to assume that Biotech- and Pharmaindustry would see it as a chance to price gouge and deny access to the drugs that are developed to people who might not otherwise afford them. There was a call for a ban on patents covering such drugs, tests, or vaccines used against Covid-19. Governments prepare for measures like compulsory licenses, patent pools to ensure availaibility, and reduce prices.
How can we make sure that all our drugs get the kind of access that they need so that patients are served best on one hand and provide a fair compensation for the innovators on the other hand? What measures can be taken to ensure availability in time of pandemic and what measures should be taken to find a fair balance between all the legitimate interests when we all go back to normal? How effective are such measures? What are the consequences for the industry and the public in times of Covid and thereafter?
What is needed to have a sustainable IP system that provides both: incentives to develop new medicines and ensures access to affordable medicines?
Boehmert & Boehmert law firm
Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
Johnson & Johnson
Vice President, Global Head IP Affairs
Deputy General Counsel for Intellectual Property
Biotechnology Innovation Organization