Digital Health in Respiratory Care – The Next Frontier

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While most of the attention in the use of digital health for chronic care management has gone to players in the diabetes, hypertension and related spaces (e.g. Livongo) a growing area of focus is respiratory; asthma and COPD together cost the US over $130B a year. Companies such as ResMed (which acquired Propeller Health), HGE Health and ProterixBio are focusing on integrating sensors, software, biological markers, patient diaries, AI and tech-enabled personalized care management pathways to improve outcomes. These companies are partnering with payers, providers, employers, and pharma companies to provide more comprehensive solutions to study and/or manage their patient populations. Digital health is the “glue” that can facilitate this vision. On this panel we’ll hear from stakeholders in different segments of the respiratory care continuum on how they view the landscape, what problems they are trying to solve with digital health, and where they see the field going in the future.
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