AI Innovations: To Patent or Not to Patent?

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While artificial intelligence (AI) is providing meaningful advances across different industries, protection of innovations using AI, especially in the BioPharma sector, requires special consideration. Factor such as patent subject matter eligibility, the ability to identify infringing activity, and the ability enforce patents need to be taken into account in determining how and where to seek protection. Furthermore, in many cases, the greatest value for AI innovations can be the data sets that inform machine learning models and/or the features extracted from such data sets. A mixed panel of in-house experts along with a seasoned patent strategist, moderated by a leading AI / privacy professional, will discuss various factors considering which protection modalities (e.g., patent, trade secret, and/or copyright) to use for their AI oriented innovations and related data sets.
David Kerwick
Legal Director
Jones Day
Senior Director Intellectual Property
Dorf & Nelson LLP
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
BlackBerry Corporation