Genomic medicine and bioethics – Ushering in a new era of responsible healthcare

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Genomic medicine is already heralding a new era of healthcare, bringing fresh hope to patients as well as unique risks that must be addressed with immediacy and clarity. A robust framework for the ethical development and use of genomic medicine – one that considers both patient needs and public health interests – will be a critical part of this era of medicine. This panel will discuss approaches to a bioethical framework that will ensure genomic medicine lives up to its potential for patients and society - starting with informed consent in clinical trials and including long-term follow-up and transparency.
Host, NPR/Tech Nation; Associate Professor, USF Director of Bioentrepreneurship
Founder and Executive Director, The Ryan Foundation; Board Chair, EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases
Sangamo Therapeutics
Assistant Professor, Founder
Yale School of Medicine, Bioethics International