Restarting the Bioeconomy: What IPO and Alliance Data tell us

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What is driving/sustaining the widest and longest-open IPO window, with 350 newly-public companies? How can a company successfully navigate the waters of public markets? How innovation drives value? Which TAs/platforms have been most successful and which have disappointed (so far)?

Utilizing unique data sets provided by our panelists, including biotech data "guru" Mark Edwards, we analyze the IPO Class--the largest sustained group of IPOs since the beginning of the sector--with a market cap of $263B, gaining $159B over the past 5.5 years at a CAGR of 50%.[Updated just prior to session]

We discuss/debate insights from this data concerning:
* Impact of deal-making and execution on value creation
* Effects of company “life events” on valuation and acquisition
* Role of breakthrough or curative therapies, such as Immunotherapy, Cell Therapy, and Gene Therapy
* How the global landscape is shifting, lowering costs and improving speed for some IPO companies
* A look to the future
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