How to Leverage Military Non-Dilutive Funding for Your Product Development Plan

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Small businesses are constantly on the lookout for funding opportunities to meet their development needs, and though many look at the federal government as a potential source, often the Department of Defense (DoD) is ignored due to lack of knowledge and fear of its bureaucratic procedures. The DoD funds, through outsourced research to businesses and universities, over $1 billion dollars a year in areas relevant to battlefield medicine, but most often these same products have strong civilian applications as well.

This session will showcase the methodology changes that the military has recently implemented to encourage greater outside partnering from both a performance and funding standpoint.
Director of Research
Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium
Chief, Medical Research Law
US Army Medical Research and Development Command
Acting Principal Assistant for Research & Technology
U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command
Senior Executive Service, Principal Assistant for Acquisition
U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command