WHY PATENTS STILL MATTER: Building Your Patent Portfolio for Global Collaborations

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Patents are key assets of bio/pharma companies. At every step that a company takes - from the time a company is incorporated until (and after) it commercializes its products and/or services - patents matter. Although the purpose for patents may change as the company grows, patents matter because they provide value at every step in that growth. Global collaborations are a key component of company growth.
This panel session will dive deep into the strategies for developing patent portfolios that support and drive global collaborations. The panelists will bring both a large pharma and a biotech perspective to patent portfolio development with collaborators to bring real value to the collaborating companies for product development and global commercialization.
Jones Day
Vice President, Intellectual Property
Alector LLC
Managing Partner
RinLaures LLC
Vice-President, Legal
Denali Therapeutics