GETTING IT 'JUST RIGHT': The Goldilocks Strategy for Effective and Efficient IP Due Diligence Processes

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Bio/pharma transactions come in all shapes and sizes but each will have some element of IP due diligence associated with it. Each diligence needs a Goldilock’s strategy to make sure that the review is right-sized to the transaction – not too big, not too little, ‘just right’. This panel of 2 business development directors and 2 legal/IP directors from large, mid-size, and small bio/pharma companies will highlight: What is the most important thing the BD team needs from IP counsel? When should BD teams involve IP counsel in a potential transaction? What is the best way to get the business goals incorporated into the IP diligence process? How should the scope of the IP diligence get aligned with the term sheet? How can the IP diligence process help identify and manage the differing incentives of the transacting parties? What are some strategies for success for BD and IP professionals to work effectively together during the diligence process? What are some recipes for disaster?
Head of Transactions, Business Development & Licensing Pacific Innovation Hub
Director, Business Development
Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Caribou Biosciences, Inc.
Vice President of Legal and Corporate Secretary