Get Engaged! How to Talk to ICER and Anyone Else Forming Opinions About Your Care Coverage

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As the promise of innovation reveals to us a future of more targeted therapies, advanced biologics and potentially curative treatments, payers are struggling with how to manage and provide access to this influx of possibility for patients. In the past, patients waited; today they must act. Patients must be vigilant that those making decisions about access and affordability are putting patient voices at the forefront of the equation.

Whether you work for a large or small non-profit, or are simply a fierce patient advocate, this panel will give you tips on how to engage, how to persuade and how to rise up and make your voice heard.
Executive Director
Patients Rising
Patient Advocate
Texas Rare
Health Policy Advisor
Value Based Agreements, Novel Drug Financing, Health Data Valuation
Health Economist
Maimon Research LLC
Patient Advocate
J. McNary Consulting