GETTING TO YES: Negotiating IP Terms in Contracts

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Bio/pharma companies negotiate and enter into a multiplicity of contracts as a key part of company establishment and growth. One or more IP terms are included in nearly every contract, whether confidentiality, material transfer, research, vendor, manufacturing/supply, or partnering/collaboration agreements, just to name a few.

This panel of highly experienced contract negotiators will discuss the nuts-and-bolts of drafting IP terms for a variety of bio/pharma company contracts and provide practical negotiation guidance: defining the goal of the contract and how IP fits in; understanding the desired outcome for the contract and how the parties will interact to achieve that outcome after the contract is signed; identifying what your company wants/needs with respect to IP and how that compares with what the contracting party wants/needs; mitigating IP risks if impossible to negotiate IP terms you want; knowing how much you can give up and how much you must retain in the IP terms.
Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property and Licensing
Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Caribou Biosciences, Inc.
Jones Day