How to Fix the Broken Antibiotics Market: A Rare Disease Case Study

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Cries for economic reform to halt the collapse of the antibiotics market have never been louder. As the situation continues to deteriorate, calls for change from governments and non-profits are as frequent as from industry. However, few understand the math that essentially guarantees a new product for highly resistant infections will be an economic failure.

Panelists will evaluate the impact of enforcing the post-approval environment for antibiotics and rare disease drugs. Competing views will be presented as to whether applying the incentives that created the thriving rare diseases market could rescue the antibiotics field, or if other models are needed.
Vice President & Head, Regulatory Policy, Regulatory Affairs Americas
Senior Analyst
Needham & Co.
Chief Scientific Officer, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Revagenix, Inc.
Executive Director, CARB-X and Professor of Law, Boston University
CARB-X, Boston University
Partner, Head of Business Development
RueOne Investments