PTSD treatment limitations and novel pharmacotherapy approaches to transform standard of care

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Bring a team of behavioral/neurobiology, neuroepigeneticists, and psychiatry clinician to discuss the growing, dire straits of PTSD patients; and discuss novel pharmacotherapy approaches through neuroepigenetics.
Murray Stein, MD (UCSD) would provide background on the standard of care, and how we got to current state where standard-of-care is psychotherapy, including past failures in PTSD pharmacotherapy development.
Marcelo Wood, PhD (UC Irvine) would discuss epigenetic approaches, and improving behavioral animal models to test these thesis with more confidence in their correlation to PTSD.
Philipp Mews, PhD (cofounder EpiVario Inc) would then discuss findings that a metabolic enzyme can control stress reconsolidation through epigenetic regulation, supported through rodent stress model data. Suggesting treating patients in an augmented regimen, which works by inhibiting stress reconsolidation to reduce the level of stress response to trauma memory reactivation.
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EpiVario Inc.
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